14 October, 2012

"Two Girls, One Code" - Isn't Life Chummy?

Episode Title: "Two Girls, One Code" - Isn't Life Chummy?
Season 4, Episode 3 | Original Air Date: Sunday, October 14, 2012

Having spent the last week listening to Joan Osborne’s version of ‘Midnight Train to Georgia’ (and dreaming about this year’s delicious season… don’t judge), my blood pressure was sufficiently off the charts for, “Two Girls, One Code.”  Why?  This face:

Honestly… look at him.  His tie collection alone is cause for anther nomination for Chicago’s Most Eligible Bachelor list (which is perhaps a strategic move… making him more handsome than ever before, now that he’s back to business with Alicia, though still completely in love with her? Right…?!).  

Okay, I could spend my entire post talking about Team Gardner (and don’t worry, I probably will) but this week marked the culmination of all that’s great about The Good Wife.  The moments when I scream at my TV, stand up in shock, cover my face out of disbelief and frustration and those times when I’m forced to triple underline a scene that exceeded my expectations (Kalinda, Peter and Eli on the campaign bus, anyone?  Hello awkward, we haven’t seen you since everyone was in the elevator back in “The Dream Team”) – these are the moments that make for television gold and the ones when I sit back and think, “Could I love this show ANY more?”  The answer is no.  But then again, when things are complicated, they can always get better.

This week, I’m featuring the top six scenes from “Two Girls, One Code”… my favourite episode, so far, in season four.

1) Behind Closed Doors with Alicia Florrick

The scene (with slight liberties taken on dialogue): Eli is found sitting in Alicia’s office (on what appears to be a new and very nice couch).  Alicia walks in.

Eli: Remember when I used to sleep on your couch? 
Alicia: How could I forget?  That was always awkward.  Kind of like where I see this going… 
Eli: Enough with the small talk.  I’ve been avoiding talking to you about it… ever… especially since I intercepted Will’s ‘I love you’ voice mail back in season one, but… 
Alicia: By ‘it’ you mean…? 
Eli: You and Will.  I’d rather be chatting about anything else right now. 
Alicia: Okay. 
Eli: Mandy Post, the reporter, wants to talk to you about your… affair. Her word.  Mandy, she seems to have a copy of a hotel receipt for a September 30, 2011… encounter… and I need to know if that timing makes sense. 
Alicia: I don’t know. (But in reality, we all know she does) 
Eli: Is there any chance you could look into things?  I mean, remember when you came bounding off the elevator with your new haircut last year? I’m pretty sure the timing of that could have something do with the spring in your step and what Mandy is after. 
Alicia: Is she going to press with this? 
Eli: She hopes to, and I hope to stop her. 
Alicia: Can you?  I mean, you got rid of Becca – could Mandy really be any cleverer? 
Eli: I don’t know, but you’re right, Becca was terrible.  Then again, she was 16.  Let me put it this way: If you are still seeing Will, you need to stop… for a time (side note: Really, Eli? “For a time?”  His commitment to a harmonious campaign has hit a whole new high with this statement.  He’s not asking Alicia to stop seeing Will altogether – that he doesn’t care about – he just doesn’t want to it to go public.) 
Alicia: I’m not seeing him (insert teary-eyed glance out the window, matched only by my own teary-eyed stare down of the television) 
Eli: Good (said with an almost apologetic expression as if to say, ‘I’m sorry.’  *Sigh.* I’m sorry too, Eli, I’m sorry, too).  Can I ask when it ended? 
Alicia: No. (She exits her office and lunges for the closing elevator.  The doors close as she puts her head against the wall, in a way slightly reminiscent of when Kalinda cried for the first and only time, after Alicia confronted her about the affair with Peter).  
 Oh sweet love, how I adore these elevator moments.

End scene.

That is, until Alicia talks to Will about the receipt.  Suddenly all of the Team Gardner goodness we’ve (I’ve) enjoyed so much in the past is coming back in an almost haunting way.  Alicia feels cursed, and not just because of her annoying ringtone that she finally changed after the Jesus-napping (but yes, that), but because in many ways she feels as though she can’t catch a break.  Then, as if the knife needs to be twisted any more, Will asks Alicia if she’s okay and reaches for her hand just as she turns.  More bad timing.

Right now, the Team Gardner bandwagon is a sad place to be.  Looking at Will’s face is all the confirmation one needs to confirm this fact:

2) The Case of the Campaign Bus Investigator

With Eli in a jam with this dastardly Mandy, he has nothing left to do but call upon the trusty (though slightly less reliable these days) Kalinda.  Using the guise of ‘protecting Alicia from unjust reporting,’ Eli convinces Kalinda to spend the afternoon doing what she does best: making omelettes sleuthing.  Labeling her as his “assistant,” Kalinda takes to the streets to get to the bottom of the mysterious hotel receipt that apparently doesn't have to do with Will and Alicia at all. Of course, the first stop on Kalinda’s investigative journey is the heart of the Florrick campaign: the bus.  Apparently a 2011 campaign worker accused Peter of sleeping with her at the St. Martin.  Maybe she’s lying, maybe she’s not, but at the end of the day, we’re all a little skeptical about Peter’s past.  I know, I know, he went to prison therefore he’s a changed man.  Well, he’s also the man that ripped Gerald Kozko’s shirt off in church only to find him wearing a wire.  Remember that?  Changed?  I don’t know.  Remorseful?  Maybe.

As Kalinda goes through the campaign supporter team photo she’s instantly able to identify a girl who looks, believe it or not, a bit like Amber Madison.  Peter has a type… and it’s not Alicia.  For that matter, it’s not Kalinda either, so his type is also a little flexible.  Just as Eli gives K the go-ahead to track down Madison Junior, Peter climbs aboard his home-away-from-home.  The shock on his face when he finds these two working together?  Worth the price of admission.  Is he worried?  You bet.  Sure, he’s playing it cool, oh yes, Kalinda… we worked together at the State’s Attorney’s Office, but it’s only because Eli can’t ever find out about his affair with K.  If he did, Eli’s apologetic glance in Alicia’s direction about her quashed romance with Will might turn more into advocacy for her ultimate happiness, of which Eli seems to have a genuine affinity.     

3) “The problem, Peter, is I don’t give a damn.”

Delivered with the strength of character only Alicia has, this quote says it all.  While Peter tries to convince Alicia he’s not in the wrong and that Mandy’s lead is a fake, it doesn't matter.  As much as Alicia has come to accept Peter and his shortcomings, she’ll also never fully trust him.  She has made a commitment to stick with him through the campaign, and much to my chagrin, they seem to be getting along reasonably well. And no, I’m not going to address all of this bus affection that seems to be happening in the Team Florrick camp.  Forgiving and forgetting are two very different things – Alicia’s in a very interesting spot.

Prediction: Amber and Kalinda aren't Peter’s only indiscretions – they are just the only ones that have been caught.  He dodged a bullet here, but he won’t be able to forever, mark my words.  The campaign supporter was a fraudster (and really should have taken lessons from Becca who was much stealthier when it came to the art of deception), but we all know his past isn't squeaky clean.  It’s only a matter of time before the next scandal surfaces. 

4) 10 points for tech-savvy judges

Okay, I’ll confess this favourite scene isn't pertaining to a specific moment, but rather to the entire case involving Lockhart Gardner’s tech nemesis, Neil Gross (John Benjamin Hickey) and his oft-conniving lawyer, Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson).  When I hear the words Chum Hum, I get all fuzzy inside.  Why?  Because 1) it usually means a great case and 2) who doesn't like the name Chum Hum?  Oh, right.  Everyone.  It’s weird.  Yet still, I like it.  This week, we also met Chum Hum’s mascot, Chummy the Gopher.   Will called it a squirrel, which instantly made me love him more (Will, not Chummy) but the best part of all was spending the entire hour watching Judge Michael Marx (Dominic Chianese) school the courtroom on his deep understanding of search engines and code optimization.  With Will still getting his feet wet since the suspension, this was just the judge he needed when going up against Gross and Walsh.   The best part?  Will's never played basketball with Marx, so there's no way this can come back to haunt him.  I think.

5) “You’ve been paranoid for so long, you don’t recognize when someone is on your side”

With last week’s lay-offs and this week's renting out of the Lockhart Gardner boardroom, there’s almost nothing Clarke Hayden won’t do to make the firm some extra cash.  Clearly he hasn't spent enough time in Alicia’s office though, otherwise I’m sure he’d have her camel-colored couture couch listed on Ebay faster than Kalinda can crack an egg with one hand (which, by the way, was seriously impressive).  The surprising twist?  Viola approaching Hayden, thinking she could get him on her side with a lower settlement than the case was worth.  

With Cary not doing much more than acting as a poster child for “returning associates who lurk in the wings,” he spotted Walsh and Clarke in the throngs of discussion and reported it back to Diane.  Sure, it was a little tattle tale-y, but with everyone getting the ax  Cary’s busy trying to prove his worth and not end up ousted from the firm for a second time.  Enter Diane in a fabulous blazer and an attitude worthy of an Emmy, ready to confront Clarke who, as it turns out, isn't easily wooed by the likes of opposing lawyers.  But why would he be?  He works for Lockhart Gardner and he’s there to get them out of the little hole we like to call bankruptcy.   Clarke Hayden, you’re quickly moving up the ranks to become one of my favourite new members of the Lockhart Gardner team.  Just stick around for the Christmas party – it’s going to be fun.

6) Omelettes for Two

So, Kalinda’s culinary specialty is an omelette?  I didn't see that coming.  The fact she can crack an egg with one hand is equally surprising and impressive.  Not that much that she does isn't impressive – she’s basically a leather-clad superhero in amazing heels – I just didn't know she could cook.

Flash forward to a little canoodling with Lana Delaney (Jill Flint).  With creepy Nick stalking Kalinda’s every move (I wonder if he was lurking outside Peter’s campaign bus earlier?  Probably siphoning gas...), we quickly learn he has a jealous streak (surprise, surprise) and doesn't like the idea of K making omelettes for anyone else, least of all another woman.  Kalinda’s response?  1) A punch in the face and 2) accepting the challenge head-on – with Lana as a federal agent, anything Nick does will come with serious consequences.  Bring it on.

What did you think of "Two Girls, One Code?"  Favourite scenes?  Sound off in the comments below!

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  1. Enough with Fifty shades of Sharma. They did promise more Cary and they're doing NOTHING with him. For what? For an omelette? Why are they keeping Matt Czuchry out of the awesomeness that this show can still be? To let us know that Kalinda can do omelette? Really?

    1. Thanks for the comments, Pam! I agree, I'm not loving the 50 Shades of Sharma storyline either. That said, I have high hopes for how K is going to oust Nick from her life. Perhaps her leading him to Lana's apartment wasn't just happenstance, but rather, strategy? I'm looking forward to having Kalinda get back to her roots (and back to Lockhart Gardner!).

      As for Cary, I'm waiting for his time in the sun. Perhaps once we have the campaign more well established and the firm's financial crisis under control he'll get more air time? I can't wait for his father to surface later in the season - maybe then we'll get our much-needed Agos fix.

  2. this season so far (and the 2nd half of last season) has not been good at all. The Kalina/Nick storyline is weak, is Cary ever going to have a storyline?, and this Alicia walks on water attitude that everyone has is tiresome. This used to be one of my favorite shows. very disappointing. Best part of this episode is it was the most we have seen of Will in a looong time. Also when he reached for Alicia hand, my heart broke for him.

    1. I'm not sure I entirely agree, but I love a good discussion, especially on this topic!

      In my opinion, the end of season three was very strong. Cary was brought back to the firm, Kalinda and Alicia began to mend fences, Will navigated his suspension... there was a lot going on! Alicia's elevated status at the firm is definitely an interesting place for her to be - people cater to her more than they would other third (and now fourth) year associates because of what they know about her and what kind of power her husband wields. That said, I don't think we can diminish the fact Alicia is a strong leading woman and has been written as a very competent lawyer.

      The 'bad timing' hand reach... I can't even talk about it. Broke. My. Heart. He just loves her so much. And I love him that much more because of it.

  3. Hi love your review ! Been reading it since last season.

    Was a fan of team Gardner last season too but I think I am more pro Alicia.I want her to be happy whichever way she chose.

    She had her fun with Will. I think I understand Alicia. She is essentially still the Good Wife at heart so she know what she did with Will was "wrong". It is hard for her to go with Will especially if Peter is now a "reformed" person. It will very difficult but I think eventually she will learn to forgive Peter,until the next scandal surface. If Peter do not "screw" up again, its likely team Gardner do not have any chance. Sorry !

    Though I understand Alicia, I am totally confused with Kalinda. I know she probably want to find a way to kick Nick out of her life but why is she still sleeping with him? Its hard to imagine if she does not have any tricks up her sleeve. Surely she should know Nick is following her. Is she actually leading him to Lana with some other end game in mind? Kalinda's motive is always not very clear so hopefully the writers will clear it up soon or they may want us to continue to see her as a "mystery". Too much mystery will kill our interest though.

    1. Thank you for reading TGW Fan! I love that!

      I love your thinking behind just wanting Alicia to be happy. I definitely agree. Though, admittedly, I would like her to be happiest with Will. I just can't help it! *Sigh*

      I think Alicia and Peter are definitely on a good path right now, but by the same token, I don't think it will last. Peter has too many secrets - Amber Madison and Kalinda are just two that we know of - more is going to be discovered the further down the political road we go. Alicia coming back at Peter and telling him she doesn't give a damn was completely wonderful. Alicia isn't the one who is going to get hurt again - she's never going to be the same person who didn't see things coming. She's gone through too much and has been raked over a few too many coals. Now she expects the worst.

      Sure, they can kiss, they can canoodle, they can carry on a friendly conversation on a bus, but I'm not sure they'll ever be truly happy again. History has a way of repeating itself...

      As for Kalinda - I love your points and totally agree! I'm sure she has tricks up her sleeve (leading him to Lana for starters, yes!), but it's difficult to see where this is going. At least we know she can crack and egg with one hand and still pull a knife with the other, without dropping the shell. Let's chalk this up to 'skill refinement'... at least for now. Finger's crossed this passes quickly and we get back to the real K.

  4. Since the writers started treating Willicia as a "just about sex" thing, which I still don't get (hello, what happened to season 2?), I've stopped shipping THEM (not really) and began being more pro Will. Alicia only hurts him over and over (this last episode was no exception - his face after he reached for her and couldn't showed that). Now I just want him to be happy, even with somebody else and don't care what Alicia does (again, not really, I still get pissed off at her, but I'm trying).
    Sorry about the rant, but I have been holding this for too long.

    1. This post just made me laugh out loud - thank you for that!

      Oh Team Gardner. Sometimes it's difficult to be a fan, isn't it? Not that I would ever give it up - I ship Willicia unconditionally - but sometimes it's just so heartbreaking. I completely agree with you about Alicia hurting Will. He's there for her, no matter when, no matter where, no matter what, and her head is in too many other places. Alicia's life really is complicated. Her marriage, her kids (urgh), her mother-in-law. Nothing is simple.

      That said, I want them both to be happy. For Will, I quite enjoyed him with Tammy (I may have been the one!), but that could have been because she never really posed a threat. I don't know if there will ever be a time when Will doesn't love Alicia. That's the beauty of their relationship I think. At the heart of the matter, I think Alicia feels the same way. That's the problem though. She has made a commitment to Peter and she wants to uphold her end of the deal. While I can't fault her that, I can't help but look at Will's longing eyes and wish she could see the same things we, as an audience, do.

      Suddenly, and again, Team Gardner is playing a game of missed connections and bad timing. Alicia bringing Will champagne in episode one, Will reaching for her hand in episode three. We're so close to something and yet somehow, so far. Still, the writers give us hope and for that, I'm truly thankful. Of course, I'm stressed about it, too... but I'm most glad that the spark between them still exists.

      Thanks for your rant - please drop by anytime! :)

    2. I concur with your assessment of how the TGW writers have treated Will and Alicia relationship...like they were just FU_K BUDDIES!!!!
      WTH, did season 2 when she pursued him as much as he went after her. WHAT HAPPEN TO SHOW BE THE PLAN...was she not feeling him then. I pissed too, thanks for letting me vent!

      Love your recaps!

    3. After reading your recaps, you remind me of why I LOVE this show so just. The acting, the writing and overall just the richness of the story it self makes it one of the best shows on Network TV!

      I am a HUGE FAN of the Will and Alicia relationship that they built up for 2 1/2 years only to have it thrown out with no real explanation. Now it's like they are not even friends anymore and I really miss that dynmanic between them. I hope they can get it back.

      Alicia going back to Peter is down right depressing, so she rewards the CHEATER with a kiss for not cheating...her standards are really low. Between her and Kalinda and the sickening control freak of a husband, women on TGW have lowered the bar for a mate that's for sure.

      I agree with you I think that reporter was a fishing expedition she coming back with something else, I still think Chandler guy got the Alicia/Will affair has his trump card.

      THanks for letting me vent. Nice to see Uncle June too and Chummie the Gopher...cute!

    4. Definitely one of the best shows on Network TV - I completely agree, Pam!

      When it comes to Will and Alicia, you can see their friendship under the surface, but I think what has happened is that they have distanced themselves so as to keep things platonic. Let's not forget when they broke up it wasn't out of a lack of attraction, respect, friendship or, dare I say, love, but because of circumstance. If the roles were reversed, I would probably be keeping my distance, too.

      What I find heartbreaking is the fact we're back to watching these two have bad timing. The champagne in episode one, the missed hand touch in episode three - the writers have my number and know how to use it!

      The Peter/Alicia kiss... well... it happened. I don't know if it means much, though. I'm just waiting for something to blow these two apart again. It's a matter of time, don't you think?

  5. I love your blog and I share your love for Team Gardner (I really wanted a mug like yours). While reading your reviews I often find myself screaming at my computer "I thought that, too!", "I agree!" and "Exactly!". Congratulations for the wonderful blog.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Jule - you totally made my evening!

      I'm glad you find my crazy love for the show entertaining - I'm thrilled to be able to share it. I'm sure we'll both be screaming and covering our faces for week's (and hopefully years!) to come :)

  6. So many things!
    a. Kalinda needs to finish up whatever business is going on with Nick. It's making her look and act weak, and she's a much better person without him. Ack! I was glad to see Kalinda help Eli/Alicia/Peter with her investigation, but Eli killed it with the "open marriage" question.

    b. When Alicia knew Wil's number by heart, then the incident in Wil's office and then the kiss... she's a mixed up lady. Flash to a future episode with Kalinda and Alicia drinking to wash away the events of the past while?

    c. I'm loving Nathan Lane. His character is so subtle - and he brings out the unexpected in everyone.

    d. I miss Julius and the other equity partners.

    e. I'm curious to see what might happen with Dianne's relationship with Alicia as the campaign/bankruptcy continues.

    f. I'm still waiting to see some exceptional outfits this season.

    1. A) I can't wait for Kalinda to get back into work mode. The whole Eli/Peter/Kalinda fiasco was interesting - I can't wait to see that affair bubble back to the surface and into Eli's inbox. Oh the drama!

      B) Ahhhh... Team Gardner. Love. Kalinda and Alicia drinking tequila and chatting about Will = My dream scene yet to come for S4.

      C) Me too! He's so devilish and focused. I do, however, think Diane is on the verge of a business-related breakdown.

      D) I can't wait to see Julius again! I also can't wait to see David Lee wearing a costume at the office either. Let's get this man cast in another Gilbert and Sullivan, stat!

      E) I hope these two patch things up. I know the Maddie situation wasn't ideal, but Diane really can't blame Alicia for what happened. Tonight should be interesting as these two team up on a case.

      F) Diane was looking stunning in 'Two Girls One Code' and Will's tie collection? Shut the front door. I'm in total awe.

  7. K seemed genuinely surprised to see Nick at the restaurant with Lana so I don't think she intentionally lead him there. And do you really think it is in her nature to intentionally get Lana involved in her mess with Nick? That being said, it doesn't really explain why she would be seeing Lana at all while he is about, knowing what he is like. (especially since if she wanted Lana's help, it would be easier to just ask)

    I think the answer in this particular story-line is just weak writing. Although I do relish the thought of Sp Agent Delaney popping a cap in Nick's childish, annoying ass :))

    1. Unfortunately, I see Kalinda loyal to very few people. 1) Herself 2) Alicia 3) Will. After that, I think it depends on the situation. There's no doubting she likes Lana, but does her loyalty extend so far as not using Lana to get rid of Nick? I tend to think it doesn't. I definitely agree with you though - I would just be easier to ask Lana for help. That said, Kalinda has never been good with asking for things.

      As for Lana getting rid of Nick: Game on. I'm crazy about this idea! Who knows, Lemond Bishop might even be the one to run him out of town. Let's not forget what happened to Blake...


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