08 October, 2012

"And the Law Won" - Saying Goodbye to the 27th Floor

Episode Title: "And the Law Won"
Season 4, Episode 2 | Original Air Date: Sunday, October 7, 2012

“And the Law Won” was a marriage of all good things: a great case, a stealthy jury, three former Gilmore Girls stars, the threat of bankruptcy, office politics, a Team Gardner in-court match-up, a broken mirror, a patriotic campaign bus, ice cream cones and a well-dressed, politically-savvy landlord looking to make friends.  This episode had everything but the kitchen sink... and an elevator.  Well, there’s always next week (a lot more about that later).

This week, I’m featuring Things I Loved and Things I Could Have Loved More: A Reaction Round-Up.  The cherry on top: The Top Three Scenes Season Four is Missing and a preview worthy of some serious fanfare.   Now, let’s jump right in. 

“And the Law Won” Reaction Round-Up: Things I Loved

Welcome to The Good Wife, Maddie Hayward – It’s the moment viewers and fans have been waiting for: Maura Tierney’s Good Wife debut.  I had hoped Tiereney’s character would be sharp, bright and full of potential.  Apparently, good things come to those who wait, because Maddie Haward channeled all of these characteristics and so much more.  In just one episode, Hayward has established herself as a shrewd business woman (sorry Diane, but you’re losing your 27th floor… no lease negotiations, even for those who send in their ringer) and a clever investor (it seems as though the Florrick campaign can pay Eli and put gas in the bus.  Things are already better than they were two years ago when Kraft Dinner and Kinkos were the day’s highlights). 

The best part?  Maddie’s looking for a friend - and not a friend with benefits as Alicia had originally thought (years of late night drinks with Kalinda have really changed Alicia’s perspective on, well, apparently everything).  Is Maddie flexible?  No.  Well, maybe (I mean, she looks like she could be into palates… but so does Eli, and I have no proof of that either).  The thing I love about her already is that she isn’t like any of Alicia’s other friends (of which there are few).  Maddie is genuine.  She’s successful.  She’s not afraid to ask the hard questions (prostitutes vs. policy?) or go out on a limb, as she did in asking Alicia out for a drink.  Maddie Hayward, welcome to the 27th floor.

Goodbye Mergers and Acquisitions – Clarke Hayden is like a wrecking ball in a city of ancient architecture… and I love it!  His equal disdain for everyone (with one notable exception) is a feast for the senses.  He’s all about pitting people against each other and seeing who will play along.  The whole situation reminds me of the scene in ‘You've Got Mail’ when Meg Ryan is jumping around her Little Shop Around the Corner and air boxing while the words “Fight.  Fight to the death!” echo in the background. The only thing about him that’s deliciously ambiguous is his seeming interest in Alicia’s opinions.  For now, it is goodbye M&A.  I just hope Hayden doesn't realize Legal Aid is hiding-out up on 29 with Eli and his espresso maker…

Gardner & Florrick, Attorneys at Law – It has been awhile since we had the pleasure of seeing Will and Alicia tag-teaming a defense and what a welcome addition it was to such a great case.  Protesters, tag dots, Tasers and rogue jurors were just the beginning for Will’s first case back from suspension.  Now that Diane knows the Team Gardner flame has been extinguished (ish), she’s all for these two getting back to their roots: the courtroom.  Diane to Alicia: “He’s better when he has someone to impress.”  Fair enough.  Game on.

When Mice Explode -  If there’s one thing you can always count on with The Good Wife, it’s that you never know when an ‘ah ha’ moment is going to strike.  This week, that treasured glimpse took place in the courtroom against Lionel Deerfield in the form of Alvatil.  Seasoned viewers will remember this drug as having had numerous show appearances, not the least of which included a memorable video of exploding mice.   It’s moments like these that make The Good Wife so dynamic.  As an audience, the mention of Alvatil suddenly made us equals with Alicia and Will, if only for a minute.  We knew where the case was going, because we’d seen it argued before.  For once, we had the facts – the tabbed binder of research, case law and arguments  – and we felt like an active participant in the courtroom.  Or, at least I did.  I’m not alone, am I?

Riding in Campaign Buses with Husbands – It’s different than riding in cars with boys (especially when you've got Eli Gold sitting shotgun and making cracks about King Leer), but in some ways it’s the same.  The closing scene of ‘And the Law Won’ was sweet and candid as we watched Alicia and Peter interact in a way we can only imagine they did 20 years ago.   Of course, I do feel as though The Good Wife writers are trying mightily to make me a Team Florrick believer, what with throwing in sidelong glances, Alicia’s laugh with Peter’s smile and "A Midnight Train to Georgia" with the lyrics ‘a simpler place and time’ playing in the background.  This scene was maybe one of my favourite Peter/Alicia moments in the history of The Good Wife.  I won’t ever be a convert (when I pick a bandwagon, I’m usually the first one on and last one off… Team Gardner has my loyalty wrapped up with a bow), but I’m happy to give credit where credit is due:  The family Florrick looked good tonight. 

“And the Law Won” Reaction Round-Up - Things I Could Have Loved More

Kalinda PI, MIA – I’m grappling with a serious bout of guilty conscience here.  Before season four premiered I was filled with excitement and suspense and the prospect of meeting Kalinda’s husband.  Let me just say this: It’s not a wonder she burned his clothes and left town when she did.  I don’t blame her.  This guy is awful (and not just because he creepily downed a whole bottle of San Pellegrino in Alicia’s office, but yes, that too).  I’ve always loved Kalinda, but this story line is becoming 50 shades of too-muchery.  The worst part about all of it is that she’s disappointing Will.  That never happens.  The best part of Kalinda this episode was watching her make her way through rows of bodies like a nimble third-grader in a complex obstacle course.  That should never be the best part about Kalinda.  Her cat-like instincts should just be an aside. 

Diane vs. Alicia – The Later Years – I’m not entirely sure what happened this week when it came to Diane and Alicia, but I think it was political and I’m not sure I liked it.  Correction.  It was and I didn't   Diane and Alicia are better together than they are at odds and I’m rather certain almost everyone agrees.  While it has always been the firm’s position that having Alicia on staff was a nice fringe benefit, even when the optics aren’t ideal, Diane has never been one to force her name on a situation to alter an outcome.  I understand, the situation at Lockhart Gardner is tenuous at best, but still.  Diane as a mentor is better than Diane as a nemesis, at least when it comes to Alicia.  Throw Louis Canning in the room, and we might have a different story…

The Top Three Scenes Season Four is Missing
  • Trigonometry and Trains – Remember Grace’s tutor, Jennifer?  The one in the neon spandex who liked to eat chocolate bars and train/street/curb/alley dance for YouTube?  Where is she?  With all of these Gangnam Style shenanigans flying around lately, I’m only left to imagine what Jennifer is busy doing when she should be working on calculus.  Can you say, ‘filming a Florrick campaign support video?’  Oh how I hope.
  • An Interview with Julius Cain So far, the only key person we haven’t seen Clarke Hayden talk to is Julius Cain and I, for one, am yearning for a bit of Cain vs. Lee action again this year.  As Julius is one of the more sensible equity partners, I can’t help but wonder where he is during all of these layoffs.  Theories?
  • Cary Agos, Where Art Thou? - We know he’s around.  I mean, he’s been interviewed by Hayden and he’s been doing Kalinda’s investigative work while she’s been lurking in ice cream parlors, but we’re left with absolutely nothing else to comment on.  Sure, (spoiler alert) there is word that Cary’s Dad is coming town, but that’s all.  Get this man a story line.  Or another ficus.  Or a part-time job as a barista.  Anything.  Please.  He’s too good (and too handsome) to go with so little airtime. 

Up Next: Two Girls, One Code.

First things first: The Preview.

Okay. You have my attention.  Writers of The Good Wife, I’m looking at you.  We’re back to some Team Gardner drama and I’m already losing my mind, two episodes and one preview in.  Seriously.  Word on the street is that one of Will and Alicia’s hotel visits has been leaked.  Just imagine if it’s the receipt for the whopping $7,800 suite Will splurged for at the end of season two.  If so, all bets are on Jerome, their personal butler for spreading the news.  If not, all bets are off.  While the preview shows Eli talking to Alicia about the situation, it’s not entirely clear if Peter knows.  Let’s face it, Peter + Alicia = happy campaign, happy Eli.  It’s basic math.  Eli isn't going to tell Peter if he doesn't have to… which he doesn't.   For someone who loves good drama, I’ll confess to having my first preview related meltdown of the season. #HolyTeamGardnerGoodness, I think yes.  This is going to be one gigantic can of worms.  Let’s do this! 

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  1. I know that everyone is asking what they are doing with Kalinda...
    But really, what are they doing with Cary? Did they bring him to L&G for this? It's a waste. And Matt Czuchry really deserves more and better than this.

  2. I think these are both great questions, Pam. While Cary is on the back-burner now, I have a feeling he is going to be given more attention as the season progresses. With his Father coming to town, we are guaranteed at least a little more background on his character and more of a story line. I'm kind of hoping he'll become more of a right-hand for Diane (especially now that's taking up a beef with Alicia). As for Kalinda... well, the fact Nick is here for up to 10 episodes shows both a light at the end of the tunnel and a long journey to get there. It could shape up to be one wild season!

  3. I heard about the daddy storyline but that is planned to start around episode 9 or 10. And it could easily be just a one episode plot... They can't wait so much to give him something to do. And it's not like it's hard for them to do it now. He's a L&G. More interations with other characters, more cases (does he still practicing, because I haven't seen Cary taking care of a case in court for ages and I really miss him in court!). Isn't that the reason they did bring him at L&G? And so why aren't doing something more NOW?
    And 10 episodes of Nick???? I don't think I'll survive to them!

  4. OMG...10 episodes with this guy, DAMN! I can't take much more of seeing Kalinda in this twist sexual abusive relationship is too hard to watch them together.

    I really felt pretty bummed after this one, the scene at the end with Peter and Alica made me sick. I can't believe she going back to his cheating azz!

    Love seeing Will get back to practicing law again, he was sweating bullets when he gambled on the settlement. Watching him and Alicia together was nice.

    Poor Cary is really getting screwed in screen time, they could have kept that over-hyped ice cream scene with K and Sleazy and given him a few more lines!

    Diane was really pissed about Alicia not getting the lease redone and yet Peter got an endorsement out of the deal. She really should not want Diane questioning her LOYALTY now! She already has 2 strikes... #1 LUNCHING with Will and #2 DEMANDING a raise and an ANSWER at the same time when Diane was trying to go get her freak on with Kurt! :)

    I saw the preview for next week, THE GOOD WIFE and ONE BAD DECISION (they show a pic of Will and Alicia kissing). It was NOT A "BAD" decision she followed her heart. THE BAD DECISION was not divorcing Peter's sorry azz!



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