30 September, 2012

"I Fought the Law" aka 3 Knocks, 2 Guns, 1 Sledgehammer

Episode Title: "I Fought the Law" aka Three Knocks, Two Guns, One Sledgehammer
Season 4, Episode 1 | Original Air Date: Sunday, September 30, 2012

154 days.  That’s how long we’ve waited for this season four premiere.  That’s 3,696 hours of wondering who could be on the other side of Kalinda’s door and 221,716 minutes of pondering whether or not Alicia went back in the house for pizza (a situation that has been keeping me up, according to my quick calculations, for much too long!).

Okay, so I’m the first to admit I’ve clearly spent a few too many hours thinking/dreaming about my favourite fictional characters (and continuing to yearn for a glimmer of Team Gardner love, *sigh,*… and yes, I’m still championing that bandwagon) – but I’m also the first to admit it has been time well spent.  With “I Fought the Law” in the record books, I can unequivocally state:  The 154 day wait was worth it… even if I spent more spare time rewatching past episodes than I did, say, reading War and Peace.  At the end of the day, the lessons I’ve learned from watching Kalinda high-kick her nemeses is probably more valuable anyways… right?

This week I’m going taking a look at the highs and lows of this much anticipated season premiere.  Weigh in with your thoughts using the comments section below!

“I Fought the Law” – The Highlights

Three knocks, two guns, one sledgehammer:  Need I say more?  My adoration of Kalinda continues to grow with each throat-jabbing elevator fight.  Pa chow!  She showed the henchman at the door, Bill, who was boss (no surprise, it wasn't him), and I loved every minute of it.

What’s $60 million?:  Finally. We have a number to put on Lockhart Gardner’s latest financial crisis: $60 million.  Seeing Diane in bankruptcy court was enough to make me want to write a strongly worded letter to the head of Lockhart Gardner’s accounting department to ask how they could have let things get so out of control.  Remember when they enforced the ‘self hydration policy’ in season two, whereby eliminating bottled water?  I thought that was going to fix everything (and by everything I mean global warming AND their financial trouble).  Failing that plan working, one would think having Chicago’s biggest drug lord as a top client (spoiler alert: Lemond Bishop will be back later this season!) they’d be swimming in cash.  Oh. Right. They only manage his reputable business interests.  Dry cleaners don’t make that much money in ligation matters (and I speak from experience here, having once successfully sued my dry cleaner). 

Alicia and Cary, Friends On: Can I just take a moment to say how thrilled I am to see Florrick and Agos back on the same side of the fence?  Talk about a dream team: These two have a tremendous working chemistry and are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the courtroom.  The one thing that’s most interesting about their relationship in ‘I Fought the Law’ was the level of vulnerability Alicia was comfortable showing around Cary.  She’s stoic and poised with almost everyone else, but when telling Cary about Zach’s run-in with Officer Robb, all that went out the window.

Lockhart Gardner’s Latest Splurge: And I’m not talking about their art work, their office furniture, or their water cooler stations.  I’m talking about their new elevator.  Wait. What?  The offices of Lockhart Gardner have always had the same elevators – we’ve all seen dozens of scenes play out in these very intimate, metal-clad spaces.  This year, however, a new elevator has been introduced.  It’s wood-paneled and, apparently, perfect for a brawl.  For that reason alone, I'm willing to give it a shot.  The elevators in my office aren't nearly as interesting.

Alicia – Canine Examiner: Alicia starring at the drug-sniffing dog, starring at her.  A simply delicious scene opening.  Side note: how did Alicia know Kalinda was tight with a canine expert?  #ThingsThatDontComeUpOverTequila

Welcome, Peggy Byrne and Clarke Hayden: The reporter and the trustee.  What could go wrong?  Well, probably everything.  First off, Peggy likes to pry (alarm bells are seriously ringing over the fact she wants to talk to Will and not Diane) and Clarke seems to hate everyone, but especially David Lee (so really, his taste isn’t all bad).  And, as much as I trust Will when he says things like, 'Don't worry, I've got this' when it comes to Peggy's questioning, we all know something's going to go wrong.  Just wait.  Lockhart Gardner is about to be the zebra at the watering hole.  I'll bet my $60 million it.

Kalinda’s Cupboards:  I know K told Nick she put everything in storage, but part of me thinks she doesn’t ever keep that much in her pantry.  I mean, Kalinda’s not really the ‘come over for a morning coffee and I’ll cook you brunch’ type.  Note: Is it just me, or was anyone else excited to see the only thing in her fridge was a glass bottle of milk?  Flash to season one, when Kalinda would carry glasses of milk around the office instead of, say, water, coffee or scotch, like her colleagues.  K’s preference for milk has always been a mystery (at least to me), so to see it surface again after two years was a little heartwarming.

Zach Florrick vs. Officer Robb:  Putting Zach on the highlights list was a difficult decision -  I mean, I’ve spent the better part of two seasons thinking he was hindering more than helping most things (in contrast to Grace who hindered more than helped ALL things.  Oy vey.   I’m still not over season three’s, ParentingMade Easy.  Not even after 154 days of extra forgiveness).  That said, I’m glad to see Zach is back in investigator mode, looking to help out Eli and his Dad’s campaign, along with working all the resources he has at his fingertips (hello Chum Hum… nice to see you again) to turn his ‘obstruction of justice’ offence back on Madison County and the smarmy Officer Robb. 

Eli, Peter and a Campaign Bus: Peter is back on the road and more determined than ever.  Okay, let’s face it: Peter was downright scary when talking to the State’s Attorney of Madison County, Phil Tapia.  Peter’s not joking when he says he’ll do anything to protect his family.  We know a new scandal is in the works when it comes to this shady dealer… who’s to say it’s not a body under the floorboards?

Three, two, one: Will’s back – pass the scotch!

Champagne to Celebrate: One word. Squeeeeee!  Alicia bringing Will a bottle of champagne to celebrate the end of his suspension was just the kind of magic I’d been hoping for!  Sure, he didn’t know about it, but that’s the least important part of this gesture.  Alicia is still Will’s number one fan even if things are, as they say, complicated.  Put that champagne in your desk drawer Alicia – I foresee some late nights in your future.  With any luck, Will might just be sharing some of your files.

“I Fought the Law” – The Lowlights

Zach’s ‘chicken rap:’  You know what I’m talking about: Those crazed beats he was blasting in the car before pulled over.  Chances are it was Grace’s pick (Internet Jesus approved?), but I’ll let them split the blame on this one.  The fact Alicia could sleep through the clucky music was a testament to either: 1) her level of exhaustion or 2) the quality of her dreams.

David Lee – You’re in then you’re out: David Lee reminds me Titanic’s Bruce Esmay – you know, the man who comfortably secured his spot on a lifeboat while hundreds of women and children were left to sink on that fateful night?  If there’s one thing Mr. Lee is, it’s an opportunist.  Honestly, he could have been pilfering the millions Lockhart Gardner now owes, just from some bottom-line back room deals.   

The Honesty Policy: Nick, Kalinda’s ex is back in town, Alicia and Cary are meeting with him over his alleged “Tow Truck Company” and K is pretending like he’s just another client.  Please, please, please Kalinda – tell Alicia at least a little about the situation before this turns into a breach of your friendship contract.  Before long, I’m sure Andrew Wiley will be lurking in the wings looking to break the story.

Up Next:

What comes after 'I Fought the Law?'  "And The Law Won," of course.  Next week, we're in for some drama as Kalinda breaks the news to Alicia that Nick the tow-truck client is actually her husband.  Will Kalinda be able to hide all of her many war wounds before Alicia spots one and begins to realize how serious Kalinda's past really is?  It might only be a matter of time before Kalinda is sleeping on Alicia's couch with the guards Peter has hired posted outside to keep all of them safe.  That's purely speculative, of course, but then again, I have a whole seven more days to dream...

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