14 January, 2014

The Good Wife: "We the Juries" - Two Game-Changing Developments

Season 5, Episode 12 | Original Air Date: Sunday, January 12, 2014

Kalinda’s looking for friendship in all the right places, Alicia is looking for answers behind closed doors and Eli is hoping for a Governor-sized miracle.  Basically, most things are a delicious mess and I’m over here devouring every single second.

Before I go on: a bit of an interlude. After a brief, albeit not insignificant, hiatus from Lockhart Gardner, I’m back – and thrilled to be so!  In mid-October I gave birth to my first child – a daughter – Baby E.  I’ll be honest in confessing it’s difficult to hold a baby, type, do jazz hands and cover my face during those “I didn’t see that coming” moments.  Trust me, I’ve tried.  That said, I haven’t missed an episode and I’m still as involved as ever.  So now, with my Team Gardner mug in hand, I bring you some thoughts from “We the Juries.”  As always, please weigh in below – and thanks for coming back to Lockhart Gardner – An Inside Look at the Good Wife!

Two Game-Changing Developments from “We the Juries:”

1) A Little Thing Called Friendship

Who doesn’t want to be friends with Cary Agos?  I’m just saying – it’s pretty much impossible.  He’s kind, smart, quick on his feet, funny, a sharp dresser (his tie/shirt combos this year have upped his fashion game big time!) and, let’s be honest, not terrible to look at.  Okay.  He’s exceptionally handsome.  On top of all that, he’s clever enough to keep pace with Kalinda and even catch her in a trap that only she would think of setting.  Oh, and he is now the named partner of an up-and-coming firm.  Take a number ladies, this man is on the move.

Meanwhile, it turns out Kalinda has come to the sad realization that she doesn’t have any friends.  It’s not surprising though - no one else does either.  Will?  Nope.  He’s forced to hang out with a tattooed sex junkie (okay, I made that up.  I don’t know her deal, but it seems fairly accurate based on the facts we’ve been given).  Alicia?  Super lonely.  Her only confidant is her brother, who, admittedly, I love, but he’s still not a friend.  Everyone seems to be a lone wolf, with the exception of Diane.  In any case, Kalinda is suddenly in the market for a friendship revitalization and who better to strike up a reunion with than Cary?  Sure, Alicia would have also been a good choice, but like Peter’s ethical compass, that ship has sailed.  All of this does make me wonder how Alicia will react when she finds out Kalinda and Cary have been canoodling after hours.  I’m guessing she won’t be overly supportive.  Not only is Kalinda working for the enemy, she kind of is the enemy.  But then again, she is she?  I’m always on the fence of whether or not to trust K, which seems to be something everyone on the show struggles with, Cary included.  One thing is for sure.  Kalinda is loyal.  You just never know to whom.  For now, I’m just excited these two are rekindling whatever it is they are rekindling.  Friendship?  Maybe.  Something more?  I wouldn’t be against it. 

2) It’s Not a Mess Without Flying Paper

Eli is in trouble.  As Chief of Staff to Mr. “I’m running the cleanest office in Chicago’s history,” things have been an uphill battle.  It could be because as much as Peter tries to be good – and, to be fair, he has been trying – he always has one foot lurking in a smoke-filled back alley.  I feel like Peter is the kind of guy who knows someone who knows someone who has probably rolled a body into a ditch off the I-90 within the last three months. 

Of course, Eli’s hands aren't entirely clean either, but with Peter now in office, he is trying to keep things a) legal and b) out of the public eye. Enter a video of those darn ballots that may have been tampered with during the election.  Now Alicia knows that Peter’s success may have been rigged and she’s mad – like ‘pack your bags and sleep in your beloved campaign bus’ mad – because now Zach could have to testify in front of the Feds.  Alicia has given Peter an ultimatum to ‘fix things,’ and we’re left to wonder what that could mean until Will arrives on the scene to chat with Marilyn.  Turns out, Will isn’t afraid to throw Peter under the bus (okay, I DID see that coming), but this time it’s not about Alicia, but rather, Diane.  Will is all, ‘why did you take Diane out of the running for the judgeship?’ and Peter is like, ‘Ummmmm… I can’t believe you’re bringing that up – I didn’t think anyone noticed’ and Will follows up with, ‘well, I think I told you about all of those rogue ballots on election night and I’m pretty sure you turned a blind eye kind of like when you erased Diane from your memory’ and then Peter shoots Will an I could have someone kill you tomorrow look and Will gives a nod that says bring it, old man. 

Peter and Will in the same room has to be one of my favourite things The Good Wife does on a not-frequent-enough-for-my-liking basis.  These two are so juxtaposed in life, with their defined connection being their relationship(s) with Alicia.  To Peter’s credit, I think he is heavier handed with greater propensity for treachery – I think he would win almost any battle against Will. 

But I digress.  Now Alicia is mad at Peter, Will isn’t talking to Marilyn, Marilyn’s not talking to Eli because Peter told Will not to talk to anyone and paper is flying because Peter is doing what he can to make it all go away, which means doing nothing.  As it turns out, dirty laundry always manages to resurface at some point.  I hope Eli has a fresh bottle of Scotch in his office – he’s going to need it.  My question?  If Peter gets kicked out of office, what’s next?

And the Honorable Mention Goes to...

I would be remiss if I didn't at least mention how much I enjoyed Matan Brody in this episode, mainly because of this exchange:

Maton: "No Your Honor, we withdraw our objections and ask that we be allowed to redirect this witness in front of the other jury" 
Bailiff Harris: "You've got to be freaking kidding me." 
Judge Spencer: "Harris!  Why is that Councilor?" 
Maton: "I don't know. I... Because?"

Brilliant.  I think I've watched this scene eight times just to listen to him stumble and look confused.  It's kind of amazing.  Amazing enough that I'd love to see Matan join Florrick Agos so I could see him every week.  Give this man a regular role!

How do you feel about Cary and Kalinda’s budding relationship?  Do you think the video of the tampered ballots will go viral? Sound off below!

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