Behind the Scenes

Since I love to sleuth out lesser-known information, I thought I would pull together a list of the best places to find all news that is news from behind the scenes of The Good Wife.  Sometimes I'm on the street exploring and sometimes fascinating things roll across my desk. From set design to fashion, there are always new things being revealed.  Enjoy the adventure!

Question: Ever wonder how they make New York look like Chicago?
Answer: It takes a great attention to detail, including changing the colors of everything from signs to fire hydrants.  Check out two recent articles from the Wall Street Journal: Shooting New York and Faking Chicago and New York as the Ultimate Stand-In, where they sit down with executive producer, Brooke Kennedy, to get the inside scoop on dressing a city.

Josh Charles and Brooke Kennedy | Photo Credit: via The Wall Street Journal

Question: Where can you find The Good Wife filming?
Answer: Often, the streets of New York City!  Check out my posts: "The Good Wife: On Location in NYC"  and "The Good Wife: On Location in NYC - Take Two," and "The Good Wife: On Location in NYC - Take Three (Brooklyn Edition)" for all kinds of pictures and commentary!

Check out the Fashion Files and Daniel Lawson's Style Watch blog to keep up on the latest from The Good Wife fashion.

Set Design
Have you ever looked around at Lockhart Gardner and thought, "I love the art in Will's office," or "Eli has some great paper weights... I wonder where they are from?" By visiting the links below, you'll find all you need to create your own legal oasis:

Meanwhile, what's happening in the comfort of the character's homes? Visit the site of the CBS set decorators for The Good Wife and get ready to be inspired!

Cary's Corner 
What's heating up in the office of Cary Agos (he is a Deputy State's Attorney now, so it's bound to be good)?  Find out with his weekly blog
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