22 January, 2012

The Good Wife: On Location in NYC - Take Two

On Location in NYC – Take Two
On-site filming, January 18 & 19, 2012 | Post Date: January 23, 2012

One of the great things about living in New York is being able to get out and explore the different communities within the city.  When it comes to districts I like to frequent, Soho certainly tops the list.  It’s full of stunning cast-iron architecture, art galleries, restaurants and, best of all, shopping.  Okay, the amazing stores were the best part of Soho until The Good Wife rolled into the neighbourhood. 

While I rarely need an excuse to wander through Soho (the frozen yogurt mecca, Pink Berry, is just one of many obvious draws), this past week I took the opportunity to sip a latte and stroll through the trailer-filled streets to see what was happening with The Good Wife, on-location in NYC.  You see, some people love Sundays because of football, while others would hold it in high esteem as a day of rest.  For me, Sundays mean one thing: The Good Wife… so any time I can spread that joy throughout my week, I’m willing to jump at the opportunity.

This was my second on-location experience and entirely different from my first (where I saw Christine Baranski shooting the lobby scene from “Alienation of Affection.”).  This time, I lucked out with spotting Josh Charles and getting more than a few hints on guest stars we can expect later in the season.  Without further ado, I present “The Good Wife: On Location in NYC – Take Two.”  I hope you enjoy the photographic journey!

Deep in the heart of Soho, I spotted The Good Wife filming on the fourth floor of this beautiful brick building.   Who and what could be inside?  Predictions to follow...

Reflections from inside the building

Signage aplenty!

Just a few blocks away from the set, the beautiful "Most Precious Blood Church" opened their doors as the holding and catering area
One of my favourite images of the day: a large lighting rig with the Woolworth Building pictured in the distance

On-site catering... basically a pantry containing everything from apples to yogurt and peanut butter to Sour Patch Kids.  Check out Food Inspired by The Good Wife for this week's latest recipe, created in honor of this very well-stocked table!

After a bit of waiting, Josh Charles (and who I believe to be Nadia Dajani, one of the newest additions to the cast of The Good Wife) appeared to browse treats on the catering table

Charles poses with a fan 

It's official!  Based on this trailer door, Will's younger sister, Audra Gardner (played by  Merritt Wever) has rolled into town.  Word on the street is that she is going to be whimsical and fun-loving... I can only hope she is pro-Team Gardner, like Alicia's beloved brother Owen.

This trailer door says it all: Sara Gardner (played by Nadia Dajani), Will's older sister, is also in town and rumor has it she and her sister are looking to help Will find love.  Sigh.  I've said it before and I'll say it again: Team Gardner, we have a problem.

The best find of the on-location shoot (except for Josh Charles, of course) is what appears to be trailer of Mr. Lou Dobbs.  We last saw Dobbs, appearing as himself, in season two's "Double Jeopardy." When Bond was ousted, I assumed (perhaps inaccurately) that his business similarly walked out the door, despite Dobbs' adoration of Diane.  It looks like Dobbs and his controversial ways could be lurking in the halls of Lockhart Gardner before too long.

With Lou, Sara and Audra set to hit the scene, I can't help but think we're in for an absolutely thrilling last third of season three (and dare I predict that Elsbeth gets Will off the hook with the grand jury... I mean, his sisters weren't visiting him in prison...).  I'm guessing the filming I've captured above will surface around episode 17... stay tuned!

A special thank you to On Location Vacations - a great group that
shares information about television and movie shoots each and every day

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  1. Great pictures! I feel like I was there along side you. I was hoping to see a photo of you and Mr. JC, but there's always next time. Thanks again KPM.

  2. Wow! I am speechless... and a tiny little bit jealous :-).
    Thanks for sharing all this with us!

    Now I would love to live in NYC even more than I already did. ;-)
    I will be there end of March - but probably no luck with on location filming of The Good Wife.

  3. You just never know when they are going to be shooting, Birgit - definitely start following http://www.onlocationvacations.com/ - I find them to be the most reliable source for information surrounding on-location updates!


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