28 November, 2011

The Good Wife: On Location in NYC

On Location in NYC
On-site filming November 22, 2011| Post date: November 28, 2011 | Update: January 9, 2012

Knowing there would be no new episode of The Good Wife this week, there was nothing left to do but take to the streets - and the hallways - of Lockhart Gardner to fuel my scheduled Monday post.  In fact, last weekend I got my lucky break in getting word The Good Wife would be filming at an on-site location in NYC.  I'm not one to miss such an opportunity, so after grabbing my purse, laptop bag and umbrella, I was out the door for an adventure that would last seven hours and feature a cast of colorful characters, including Christine Baranski.

In my Opinion - a Photographic Journey

When a show rolls into an on-site location, there is nothing small about the production and filming of The Good Wife is no exception.  Signage goes up, trailers appear and everything from lights to set pieces suddenly fill the streets.

Kalinda would have been proud: this sign proves I was able to sleuth the filming location!

Originally I had assumed The Good Wife was filming outside based on the influx of twinkle lights and old-fashioned lamp posts.  I may or may not be correct... (UPDATE: I was, in fact, incorrect - this was just a festive street)

Lights, cameras, nuts and bolts!

This way!

Perhaps this was just a festive block?  Fortunately, my observations are much more concrete later in the day 

Set up in the rain, these lights were aiming directly at the office tower in which they were filming

Setting up the lobby for shooting

One of my favourite pictures from the day:  I'll let the chaos and the colors speak for themselves

On-set supplies, from crates to carpets

The Scene
When I arrived at the filming site, they were finalizing blocking and rehearsing a three-person scene with Christine Baranaksi (Diane Lockhart).  The premise?  Diane is witness to a man being served with papers in the lobby of a building.  Needless to say, the process isn't smooth and said man ends up getting body slammed into one of the lobby's marble columns.  He quickly exits stage right and Diane is left to chat with the person doing the serving.  When the show airs, the highlight of the scene, it could be said, will be the man being pushed into the pillar.  I would contest this though.  It's really Diane's shoes.  Stay tuned.

Update: This scene is from episode 12, "Alienation of Affection." The premise?  Diane is heading into work when she happens upon Jack Copeland, the man who earlier in the episode, served not only her, but Alicia, Will and David.  Here, she finds him serving someone else - it seems the offices of Lockhart & Gardner are in his service area.  Could we be seeing more of Copeland?  I predict yes... perhaps with a tasty helping of love interest on the side.  Note: I'm still working on sourcing these amazing shoes!

Blocking and rehearsing...
Blocking and rehearsing take IV
Rest assured, I will be getting more information on these shoes.  Any guesses the designer?
Stuart Weitzman perhaps?

Oh yes, and we're rolling here - this is what you will see on screen!

A Special Thanks
Standing outside an on-location filming, you meet some interesting people - those who have no idea what's going on, those who are interested in behind-the-scenes experiences, those who like to catch a glimpse of celebrities and those who are fans of the whole process.  I met all of these people and was thrilled to be part of the process... even if it was in the rain! Thanks to Ron, the television and film composer I met, who listened intently to my explanation of all things "The Good Wife" and later called me an 'expert' to other passers by, and thanks to the security guard who is responsible for protecting doors and elevators during filming - you're doing a great job!

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  1. Great post! I almost felt like I was there alongside you. I WISH I was there alongside you. Keep me posted on those shoes!

  2. Thank you for the post and the Christine-pics!!! :)


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