31 March, 2013

The Good Wife: "The Wheels of Justice" - Season Four’s Piece de Resistance

Season 4, Episode 19 | Original Air Date: Sunday, March 31, 2013

How can I put into words how much I loved “The Wheels of Justice?”  One simple phrase: Best episode of the season.  I know not every episode can be my favourite (right?), but if I have to pick one on the season, this would be it.  As I sit typing this week, I find myself at a loss for words… and also freaking out.  It's like season three's "Feeding the Rat" all over again. Not only am I going to struggle to fall asleep tonight, I foresee a very restless summer coming my way, as this week we were given the incredible news The Good Wife is back for season five.  The best part?  Like a fine glass of wine, these episodes keep getting better with age.   

The only way I can think to organize my thoughts and provide thoughtful commentary this week, is to pull out all the reasons this is the episode to which all others should be measured.  Feel free to pop by the comments section at the bottom of this piece and let me know how you feel about “The Wheels of Justice.”

The Curtain Rises
Reason #1 this episode had me jumping for joy: An amazing opening sequence

Opening scene: Alicia’s new office is revealed and so is her decorating budget of $10,000 (which makes me wonder, what would Clarke Hayden say?  How can the firm afford this?  Where is David Lee with his calculator?).  Cary’s new office is similarly shown off, but he’s forced to build a couch out of three folding chairs.  Poor Cary.  The upside is that Diane has given him a golden carrot – the thought a partner might be leaving in the next six months and that if he does what he can to make the firm succeed, he’ll be picking out a nice leather swivel chair before long. 

Meanwhile, Diane is hiring Kalinda to investigate a partner at the firm: her.  Being up for Supreme Court Justice means Diane needs to know what kinds of things have the potential to be dug up from her past. 

In other news, it’s Colin Sweeney time – pretty much the best time ever, if you ask me – and that means he has done something terrible.  Allegedly.  Okay, he’s guilty 98% of the time, but in this case, he really seems innocent.  Also, his creepy factor has increased exponentially since the last time we saw him, as he’s now sporting a goatee and comparing Alicia to Mary Poppins.  In any case, Alicia is going up against Laura (which is making Sweeney strangely jealous) and through a weird quirk of fate, Cary realizes why the State’s Attorney’s office won’t settle on this case.  Sweeney is one strike away from life in prison based on his two other offences. 

Pieces of a Puzzle
Reason #2 this episode was epic: Everyone had a role… especially Cary 

Like pieces of a puzzle, the beauty of The Good Wife is how well the cast fits together, especially when given the opportunity.  Cary and Robyn have a new-found synergy; Cary and Alicia continue to be each other’s better half when it comes to work; Laura, Alicia and Will are muddling their way through a bizarre work/love triangle; Kalinda is out investigating for Diane; and somehow, for the first time in a long time, everyone is working together.  Even the sinister (and, let’s face it, eerie) Sweeney is in on things, by using his knowledge of Will’s relationship with Laura to fuel the fire in the courtroom.  At no point in this episode did I think, ‘I wish I’d seen more of <insert here>'.  Everyone had a perfect role AND we didn't have to look at the inside of the campaign bus.  

Love and Marriage
Reason #3 this episode blew my mind: Diane, Kurt and things I didn't see coming

The only way to prove Sweeney's innocence, given a trial prep of less than 24 hours?  Bring in the world’s best ballistics expert, Kurt McVeigh. 

Ahhhhh, Kurt.  We haven’t seen this handsome face since “Gloves Come Off” in season three, and let’s just say: he’s been missed!  The political banter, the way he can calculate a bullet’s trajectory and the way he gets thrown off by the mere sight of Diane – he’s the best of all worlds when it comes to being a love interest.  Not only that, Diane’s lack of after-hours prospects this season has been more than a little disheartening, especially because last year she was juggling both Kurt and Jack.  This year has been like the Atacama Desert: nothing but dry.

Now, I’ll admit my list of things I didn't see coming is a little shorter this year than last.  Kurt coming into back into town?  Not shocking.  Watching he and Diane fall back into old habits without any need of small talk?  I’m all over it.  Tackling the Sweeney case by day and sharing drinks by night?  I’m blissfully accepting.  Having Diane propose to Kurt, having him respond “I’m not rejecting it… I just need time to think” and then having Diane cut him off at the door after saying, “I’m worried we’ll always be waiting?”  What?!  I’m not sure what just happened, but I think Diane might be getting married in six months.  Of course, who can be sure?  The scene cut and I was left with my hands over my face shrieking an inaudible “whhhhhhhat?!?!?’ The only thing I’m sure about is the fact I can’t get the lyrics of “Marry You” out of my head.
It’s a beautiful night, 
We’re looking for something dumb to do, 
Hey baby, 
I think I want to marry you.
Before moving on, can we stop and talk about this development for a minute?  Can you even imagine how different season five would be if Diane got married and became a Supreme Court Judge?  What an incredible thing to think about for the next few months.  Of course, I’ll be staying tuned to any tidbit of casting news possible: let’s hope for more Gary Cole!

Three’s a Crowd
Reason #4 this episode made me scream with delight: The Team Gardner bus is back on the road

Somehow, I’ve waited until point number four before mentioning the fact some seriously amazing Team Gardner things are beginning to brew.  How did that happen?  I’m beginning to show major restraint! 

Lucky for me, the writers are ending the season by baiting me with the promise of things to come (and don’t worry – I've already sent the thank you tweet expressing my gratitude). With Laura and Will in dating mode for the last seven days, Will is already having to confess his new-found girlfriend to Diane, who seems fairly pleased he’s pursuing someone besides Alicia.  Laura, however, seems hesitant to move things forward until she can talk to Alicia… again.  Outside the courtroom hosting the Sweeney case, and before they go head-to-head, Laura stops Alicia and asks, “Do you have a relationship with Will.”  Looking around, Alicia answers ‘no,’ but that she did, a long time ago, so there’s nothing to worry about.  If Laura’s looking for a blessing, she’s got it.  My question?  Why would Laura think these two have anything going on?  The only time she’s seen them together was the night of the Shamrock Dinner when Alicia was in for questioning.  Sure they laughed behind closed doors, but there was nothing else. 

Flash forward.  Alicia’s in bed, sipping a glass of red wine (which is one thing I love about her character) when she gets the urge to call Will.  This, of course, on the heels of her last night’s sleep when she was dreaming about she and Will and then imagining Laura in her place.  While I was waiting for her to pick up the 'Chicago’s Most Eligible Bachelor’ photo spread (which, let's be honest, we all know she still has), she opted to pick up the phone and dial Will’s number.  Of course, he answers.  It’s Alicia.  He always answers for Alicia (and I always cheer!).  Under the guise of a ‘work question,’ she starts fumbling through some words before hearing Laura in the background.   Time to hang up and forget anything ever happened.  While we know she won’t forget, and neither will we, it looks as though that could be the end of things, at least for the night. 

Meanwhile, as Will hangs up the phone, Laura asks if it was Alicia on the other end.  He says yes and then moves in for a kiss.  Immediately, Laura backs away.  Say what?  No one backs away from a Will Gardner kiss!  Claiming honesty, Laura confesses someone she dated while in the military is back in her life… and then she hastily makes her exit.  The scene ends with Will staring out his office window while sipping scotch and Alicia sitting in bed, staring into space, sipping wine.  

Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe for a second that Laura has another suitor waiting at her door – I think she can smell the Team Gardner vibe a mile away and doesn't want to get in the way.  Strangely, I feel as though my master plan involving Laura might actually be coming together, albeit more quickly than I had anticipated.  She values Alicia as a friend and respects Will as a stealthy courtroom opponent – Laura is a seriously upstanding character and one which, no matter what happens in her dating life, I hope stays around well into season five.  She might just be my favourite long-term addition to the cast.

Other Highlights:
  • Judge Politi yelling about not being phased by a courtroom of raised voices.  He may not be the quirkiest judge on the bench, but I think he’s quickly becoming one of my favourites.  Also, he has no known history of playing basketball on Wednesday nights, so he’s probably safe for episodes to come.
  • Diane being set up as secret writer of Vampire Diaries fan fiction.  What can I say?  My face was as shocked as Diane’s.  Also, it got me thinking.  If ever I become a lawyer, and later a judge, will this blog come back to haunt me?  Hmmmm…
  • Colin Sweeney re: Will telling him he has a relationship with Laura: “Yes I sign off – as long as I get details.”  Ewwwww.  I now need to shower.  And so does Will.
  • Robyn jogging back to the office, drunk, after a night out with Greg, the associate stolen from under Lockhart Gardner's noses.  What can I say?  This girls cracks me up.

What’s Next?
In two weeks, we can look forward to the new episode: “Sex, Dolls and Videotape.”  It sounds like something in which Colin Sweeney could likely be involved, but as it turns out, there’s an anonymous hacker and guest start Jason Biggs.  Also, the campaign for Governor is down to the wire and we’ve been promised election results before the season is through.  Most importantly, at some point between now and the end of the season, Dallas Roberts is back as Alicia's brother Owen, and we have this little exchange to salivate over:
Peter: “She’s my wife.” 
Will: “Then punch me.”

Pa chow! We're in for a dramatic race to the finale... and I can't wait, can you?


  1. I thought the episode was spectacular, if not better than last weeks episode! 5 out of 5 stars! not only was there a great case with Mr. Sweeny, we also saw cary and robyn bond, amazing love triangle action, and diane and kurt action!
    what i thought that was needed was cary and kalinda. I think it would be cute though if robyn and cary did get together!
    I dont know if this was my thoughts, but i'm pretty sure that laura lied about being with a guy from the military. Im sure she lied because she thinks that there is something still going on with Alicia and Will.
    I love how they didnt just finish Willicia. I for sure thought that it ended last week, but apparently not! so excited for the next few episodes!!

    1. 5/5 stars - I agree!

      I think something is definitely brewing between Cary and Robyn. While I'm getting a bit of a brother/sister vibe from these two right now, they have a great working chemistry, so I wouldn't be surprised to see it turn into more. I have a feeling Kalinda is going to take exception to someone getting that close to Cary though - especially when that someone is another investigator with the firm.

      As for Willicia. When one door closes, another one opens. I'm *thrilled* with this new development! I've long wished for a season five reunion (well, since 3x10), so this could be where things are headed. Alicia will never step in the same pool twice, but now that the door has been closed, if it opens in an entirely new direction, who knows where we'll land. We've got a lot in which to look forward - and I for one can't wait!

    2. Phew! I thought I was the only one who liked Robyn and Cary together! Lol they seem like a natural couple with actual chemistry. Which was the COMEDY. They're awesome.

  2. I agree this was the best episode of the season so far.

    -I love Diane and Kurt and I really do hope they get married. That would be a great story arch for Diane.

    -I knew Laura didn't believe Alicia when she said it was over with Will, you could see it in her face and no I don't think there is any newly resurfaced all old boyfriend.

    -I really like Cary and Robin. I don't think they will be romantically involved but they seem like they could be really good friends.

    -I LOVED the continuation of Will and Alicia. I was so sad last week when I thought it was over.

    1. Thanks, as always, for writing in, GMB!

      The rewatch count on this episode is going to be very high this summer! I'm already planning my 'best of season four' review, and I can't wait to highlight all that was amazing about it all over again!

      Kurt and Diane - Love, love, love. This could change Diane's story arc forever. I'd love to see season five be a 'a new day' for everyone - what a great way to celebrate more than 100 episodes of The Good Wife!

      Laura - Poor Laura. I feel terrible for her. She really likes Will and is such a good-hearted person. I hope she sticks around and maybe finds a new love interest in the legal system, because I just don't think it's going to work out with Will. I am, however, surprised they nipped this in the bud as early as they did. I definitely was expecting them to go down the path of a serious romantic relationship before everything came to a head. Just another thing I didn't see coming I guess!

      Cary and Robyn - Eeeee! I'm loving her character! I think these two have mad potential for next season. I hope she becomes a regular.

      Will and Alicia - I was heartbroken last week and then I was given a renewed sense of hope with "The Wheels of Justice." Could the writers actually be giving Team Gardner a chance again?! A girl can certainly dream...

  3. I LOVED the whole thing. I wish I knew where Diane got that dress though. I just thought it was amazing.

    1. Thanks for the post, Roxanne! Which dress of Diane's were you admiring? I can do some digging and see if I can get a bit more information for you! I love to sleuth!

  4. I do not have much time to write this few weeks but I am loving the 5 episode in a row and I am reading your reviews every week. I also loved this episode though I am not sure if it is the best of the season. I am very glad it has been renewed for season 5. Keep writing !

    1. Fair enough, TGW Fan - I've talked to a few people who aren't sure if this episode was at the very top of their list... but it was terrific no matter where it lands on your scale, don't you agree?

      I'm also thrilled it has been renewed! I can't wait for the fifth season... and all the writing and fun that will accompany it. Thanks for being a friend and a fan of this blog - I so appreciate your support!

  5. It's getting better and better since episode 13! Can't wait to see more of Will and Alicia!

    1. Each episode is getting better, I agree! Just when you think they can't throw more at you, they do. That's the beauty of The Good Wife though - you never know where they'll go next, but you can bet it's going to be an amazing ride.

      P.S. Team Gardner forever!!! :)

  6. Ever since the hiatus we've been getting one episode better than the last.
    I loved Kalinda reading TVD fanfiction, thinking Diane had written it. I just wish it had been Diane lol.
    Sweeney was creepier and funnier than ever and I love it!

    I don't even have to say that I almost fell off the couch when I saw Alicia's dream. I wasn't expecting that at all after last week. The last scene was both a perfect example of our master plan (that Laura would make Alicia jealous and eventually drive her to Will, right, Pink? lol) and also of their once again bad timing. As frustrating as it is, I must admit that it is one of the reasons why I love Team Gardner.
    Although, if Alicia hadn't called WHILE Laura was there, she wouldn't have made up some excuse about an old boyfriend (yeah, I didn't believe her one bit; not after last week's episode or the way she left Will's office). I just wish Will had called Alicia back, at least as good manners.
    As much as I want Will to be with Alicia, I felt bad for him. The man can't catch a break! Nothing good ever happens to him... he has suffered more than enough. I really hope Alicia doesn't break his heart again.

    I can't possibly wait 2 weeks!

    1. Thanks for the note, Jule!

      I completely agree - these episodes are only getting better. I wasn't sure how they would top the Shamrock dinner and Peter punching Mike... but then Kurt came back, Willicia resurfaced and everything suddenly became 50 shades more amazing. I don't know how they do it... but I'm glad they do!

      Re: Sweeney. Creepier and better than ever. Dylan Baker is a genius. I can't wait to see what kind of trouble he'll land in next season, because you know it's going to be ridiculous... but also amazing.

      Re: Team Gardner. Let's just shut the front door on that dream. #ThingsIDidntSeeComing. AND then, she calls him, from bed, while drinking wine, and he says he's not busy. My mind was being blown to pieces. After the door closed on these two, I wasn't sure where things would go. I knew they couldn't put the breaks on entirely, because their chemistry is too good for the show, but at the same time, we've heard the Kings say they'll never have Alicia step in the same murky waters twice. Now that they closed the Willicia chapter, when Alicia confessed she couldn't be selfish anymore, things switched. Maybe the murky water isn't so muddy anymore? They both know better who they are and what they want. That said, she's still with Peter and the upcoming previews don't show that train slowing down whatsoever. I'm not even sure if it's a good thing Grandma Veronica is on our side, as Alicia will do the opposite of what her Mom says, well, pretty much always. Perhaps Owen will be our ace in the hole?

      As for Will not being able to catch a break - I've been thinking about this a lot lately. He never gets the girl, he got suspended, his firm was on the verge of bankruptcy, and, and, and. His life is a disaster zone. I would love to see something good happen to him for a change. Maybe season five will be the year of Gardner?

      PS - Can't wait to read what you've been whipping up re: all of these previews! I'll feature it on my news page ala Diane's Vampire Diaries fan fic :)

  7. Via Josh... (Sorry Josh - not sure what happened to your comment this week! I got the email but then it wouldn't publish. This is the next best thing... I think!)

    Hey Pink.

    I agree with you, as always, that this episode was indeed the best, if not one of the my all time top five. Everyone (well, except Eli) had a role which every ep should actually have which was awesome.

    I'm really happy for Diane for accepting the judgeship position. She really deserved that and I hope the writers will do some magic in giving her much screen time in season five like the previous seasons.

    Cary and Robyn's bond was wonderful and as fun as his relationship with Kalinda. I'm actually loving Robyn more as each episode featuring her shows. The 'leave the firm' theory is dying and seeing Cary as a partner is inevitable by the season finale.

    And of course, Colin Sweeney this episode was thrilling and exciting. His best scene was the conversation with Will about his relationship with Laura and the 'details' of the relationship. L.O.L indeed. This is Dylan Baker at his best and most profound acting of Sweeney by far.

    Next ep is in two weeks and I can't wait! :-)

    1. Hi Josh!

      I'm in full agreement - Sweeney's best scene was with Will and how utterly creepy he was about wanting details. Dylan Baker is simply phenomenal and Will's reactions were priceless.

      As for Cary - interesting theory of him being escalated to partner before the end of the season. It could happen if Peter wins Governor and then Diane gets the judgeship... but if Peter doesn't win and Diane doesn't leave, there won't be any openings. What a tangled web we weave...

      After this week's break, we're marathoning through the finale. I can't wait to see where we're going to land!

  8. Superb post, Pink! As usual, though... I agree that all the recent (after hiatus episodes) were great but this one definetely stands out! The harmony of all the lines, all the bits and pieces is just incredable! Wow, again - what a quality! I even started to like (o'k to be honest tolerate) Laura. After "The Wheels of Justice" she... can be.

    Can I name Isobel Swift and Colin Sweeney for the 'a perfect couple' award? Yes, they might be strange and totally pervert but they are also so cute! How is it even possible? And they aren't the only couple that made me swoon while watching this episode. Cary and Robin were suprisingly entertaining to follow as well, but they were nothing comparing to Diane and her brilliant cowboy.

    The whole Ms. Lockhart story was the most ecxiting thing this week. Her background check rollercoster began with some lighhearted homage to the ridiculousness of what we fans sometimes do to express our affection to our favourite TV show. I used to write fanfiction myself. So, I know the urge.(Though, I must admiy I mildly regret that they didn't choose 'Supernatural' as their sample target - in this case, I would have enjoyed the scene even more)))

    After that, Diane got hit twice more: once with the display of Kurt's politically damaging gun-loving beliefs and also with the revelation about her father's past. That one was a particularly hard to swallow. I guess, the deeper story here is that people shouldn't build their lives to please their idolized deceased fathers. (Hey, Alicia, can you hear that?)

    To tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, I can't wait for the next episode! The promo looks just great and sooo promising!

    Best regards, L.

    1. Great thoughts, L!

      Colin and Isobel - I'll let you name them the 'perfect couple,' if not only for the sheer oddity of their relationship. I'm not sure if they top Diane and Kurt for magic, but I definitely see where you're coming from :)

      Diane's story was picture perfect this week - I agree. Isn't it nice to see her back in the limelight with some great story lines in which to sink her teeth? He last half dozen episodes have seen her in a more political light and I'm loving it. Toss in Kurt and some fan fiction and Diane Lockhart simply can't be beat!

  9. Pink, I loved this episode too! Alicia still got it bad for Will and her dreams want let up. That kiss of anger sparked something in her...sexual attraction be damn. She knows they are GOOD TOGETHER! The way she "looked around" before he answered Laura about her relationship with Will, you could tell she was lying. Trying hard to convince herself probably. Laura knew right then that there is something more to it than Alicia was telling her.

    I just don't want her to jerk his heart around anymore. I bet Will would pickup on an Alicia call in the middle of sex! My poor Will, he got if bad. Wuz up, Alicia was that a bootycall!

    Colin Sweeney and his wife are so weirdly cute together. ANAL...did you see Will's face after that...hahahaha!
    Isobel had some zingers, "you know he killed his first wife" and trying to give her panties to him...PRICELESS!!!

    Robin is growing on me, I really like her. I wish Kalinda would grow the hell up and quit feeling so threaten and "territorial" it's enough work to go around...Geez!

    Finally Diane got some great scenes, ghost for Christmas past, present and future too funny. I love reading fanfic so a supreme court judgeship is not in my future! :) Kurt and Diane are good together, but marriage...I don't know how I feel about that.

    Sneak peak shows that Alicia's Mom is TEAM GARDNER and even to Will to get him to fight her daughter if he LOVES her. That worries me because Alicia will do the opposite of anything and everything that her Mom WANTS...DAMN, Will!

    Always love reading your reviews!

    Pam in Dallas

    1. Oh Pam - your comments always make me laugh. Out loud. Seriously. Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughts - it's so appreciated!

      Now, to your points:

      Will and Alicia. Willicia. Team Gardner. Whatever you call them, I'm glad their window of opportunity closed only to have it immediately re-opened. That kiss of rage-turned-to-passion definitely ignited something in Alicia. Now, if only she could rid herself of Peter and that stinking campaign bus. Urgh. Where do you think this new-found Team Gardner drama is going? I just hope Will's luck improves - he's had a rough few years!

      Re: Sweeney. Will's face whenever Sweeney was involved = priceless. First, their conversation in the hall when Will had to confess his relationship with Laura. I didn't think it was possible to beat that look... until the 'where were you at the time of the shooting" discussion... and then that became the face to beat. Great acting for both Baker and Charles - brilliant!

      Re: Kurt and Diane: Ooooooh, I love the thought of them being married. Kurt could be out investigating while Diane could be tapping a gavel and making the lives of her former colleagues more interesting. Just imagine the possibilities! I do hope they get together, but mostly because it's such a different way to take Diane and I like to live by and 'if not now, when?' motto. Season five seems like the perfect time to shake things up.

      Thanks again for writing in, Pam!


    2. Hey Pink, I'm laughing too from your responses! I re-watched this episode again last night.

      Gurl, I'm with ya...PLEASE Alicia stay the hell away from that damn campaign bus...enough already GEEZ! Mama Cavanaugh's meddling in Alicia's business/marriage is always trouble. Owen please run interference here, hopefully he can be the voice of reason for TEAMGARDNER! :)

      Why do think Alicia was calling Will?
      Will why would you pickup an Alicia call on a date and say "NO, I'm not busy", so uncool dude...poor Laura just got caught up in their crazy love web. I loved that "unrequited love" song.

      This was my favorite Sweeney episode, I was rolling with all the looks and perfect timing of the lines that all the actors delivered in this episode. The writing and acting was superb!

      Haha, after Sweeney asked for details on Will/Laura sexy times. I needed a shower, he is so creepy and dirty. Sounded like Hannibal Lecter! :)

      I wonder what the BIG game-changer is gonna be at season end, I hope it's Alicia asking for a divorce!

      Missed TGW last night and your reviews. Thank you for the response. p.

    3. Hi Pam!

      The week break was disappointing... but now we're just six short days away from taking the final three-week marathon head-on! Pa chow!

      Can you even IMAGINE if Alicia were to ask Peter for a divorce? That would rank #1 on my list of things I didn't see coming this season - and in life! Sadly, I don't think this is going to happen, only because she seems to be quite comfortable with Peter this season. In my opinion, the only way she'll ever divorce him is if he does something worse than hooking up with Amber Madison and/or if something from his past resurfaces that she simply can't forgive. When we look at what she's been able to get over in the past, he basically would have to be accused of murder. Either that, or she'll realize her undying love for Will can't be ignored and that her kids will be fine if she moves on from camp Florrick. I don't know where things are going to go, but I can't wait to see what they have planned!

  10. Hey Pink,
    I just started reading your blog recently and really like your take on TGW.

    I am totally in the tank for Will and Alicia (she has zero chemistry with Peter...no matter how hard they try to make it look otherwise) but am worried the writers are just giving us the flashbacks and teases to keep the Team Gardner people on the hook while Alicia and Peter just get more firmly entrenched. Ugh...

  11. Hi Pink!
    thank you so much for the fabulous blog :-)

    These are my modest wishes:
    I DON`T want to see Will hurt - again - by Alicia. I hope he`ll be revarded somehow for all the heartbreak.
    I DO want to see her stop feeling guilty about everything (especially about her feelings for Will and about her kids).
    I want her to be even more courageous than she was.

    And I DO (oh-so-much) Peter out of the show, I dislike him so very much and don`t trust him one bit. Maybe even more, I DO want him to let Alicia go.

    Can`t wait for the weekend!

    Rgds from Croatia,


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