18 March, 2013

The Good Wife: "Invitation to an Inquest" - the Top 5 Moments

Season 4, Episode 17 | Original Air Date: Sunday, March 17, 2013

It’s the plight of every fan of The Good Wife: To buy into those magical previews given to us at the end of each episode.  They are impossible not to watch and even more impossible not to get sucked into… at least for me.  While I thoroughly enjoyed “Invitation to an Inquest” (including the plentiful moments of Team Gardner merriment), I couldn’t help but get frustrated by the fact the Chicago Shamrock Dinner was yet another week away.  I’ve been baiting friends and co-workers with the must-watch morsel of Peter punching Mike and yet again, we must wait another seven days.  Well played, preview ninjas, well played.  It’s like I’m Jordan and Eli just threw me under the ‘getting too involved in the family business’ bus.  And while that’s better than being under the campaign bus (or, quite frankly, in the campaign bus), knowing I have to wait another week for the white-tie shenanigans is almost unbearable.  Thankfully, next week we’re headed to the party and for that, I can’t wait.

Courtesy of CBS
Until then, we’re left to look at what went down in “Invitation to an Inquest” and because I’m all about counting down right now, I’m going to focus on the five best moments of the episode.  Join the conversation below and sound off with your favourite scenes and moments.

The Black Ice Bandits
I never thought I would like Kalinda matched up with another investor.  She has her limited pockets of friendships and is happy to chase down witnesses without a sidekick.  I kind of like her in solitude – or maybe it’s just that Blake left a bad taste in my mouth.  Either way, Robyn’s changing that, and fast.  These two Cagney and Lacey-style investigators (not sure which one Kalinda would be, but I’m guessing Tyne Daly) have a strangely similar thought process that seems to be working, not just for them, but for the firm.  In the case of the mysterious skid marks due to black ice, these Nancy Drew’s never once divided in their theories. They are both brilliant.  The only difference?  Kalinda’s not giving up any of her trade secrets to our new favourite spy-in-training.

Gardner and Florrick: Friends On
Team Gardner is on the mend!  I’m shouting it from the rooftops and planning an official reunion for season seven.  Okay, maybe five.  Optimism for a love-connection reconciliation aside, this move towards friendship has been a long time coming… and that’s just this season.  Step 1: Yell at each other and then, in a fit of passion, kiss.  Step 2: Chat awkwardly in an elevator.  Step 3) Avoid each other, even though you have the same cold.  Step 4) Get put on the same legal case.  Step 5) Work late hours, until no one is left in the office except the two of you.  Step 6) Decide to be friends, because you miss it, and if we’re really being honest, you were both pretty good at it and you could both use a friend.   Step 7) Team Gardner friendship activated!

Will and Alicia have been through a lot over the last year and a half, and if there’s one thing I’m missing, it’s their friendship.  Okay, sure, I want them to be more than friends.  But they can’t get back there if they’re scared to be in the same vicinity.  Now they have to answer the age-old question: If you can’t be together, can you at least be friends?  In the case of Team Gardner, I certainly hope so.  It’s the only way we’re going to get tequila shots at hotel bars ever again. 

Courtesy of CBS
Eli throwing Jordan under the bus
What would be Jordan’s ultimate undoing?  At first, I thought it might be the fact his storyline is bizarrely non-existent, but then I realized it would more likely be some kind of campaign flub.  What I didn’t see coming was that it would involve our dear, sweet Neesa.  Remember her?  She surfaces every six or so months just to remind us that a) Zach has a girlfriend and b) he likes to “study.”  Unfortunately for Jordan, his sleuthing over Neesa’s Twitter feed led him to a picture he thought could be damaging to the campaign.  His next stop?  Sitting young Florrick down for ‘the talk.’  Neesa, he says, is bad news.  Or her Dad might be.  Or a guy her Dad knows might be.  No matter the case, Jordan paints a picture where Neesa is basically a terrorist and Zach is left with one option: to break up. 

At the end of the day, Zach’s sad, Neesa’s upset, Grace is spilling the beans (insert look of shock), Alicia’s furious and Eli is doing a happy dance in the corner… and so am I.  The icing on the ‘Jordan’s been ousted’ cake, however, is the fact he “ didn't even see it coming.”  Really Jordan?  Really? 

Cary Agos: Your Father is the Absolute Worst
There’s Diane and Will, praising Cary for securing a new $5 million account and perhaps thinking twice about the fact they took him off the partnership track… at least for this year.  As Cary moves to his office to take a quick account of what just happened, he sees his father (who, later in the show, is wearing a mustard-coloured jacket I swear was Will’s from last season’s “Gloves Come Off”).  Even though this is just his second appearance, I’ve come to detest Mr. Agos.  It’s a wonder Cary turned out to be nearly as amazing as he did, because this man is a disaster.  He belittles, he degrades and worst of all, I’m not sure he knows he’s doing it.  There’s nothing like a little divine retribution, as when Cary pulled the case out of the fire to win back the client his father was working to lose.  But it’s of only moderate consolation.  His father has a Mike Krestiva-like quality about him and until Cary can break out from under the thumb of everyone around him, his father will forever be insulting Cary’s every ability.

The Look of a Princess
I hate to admit it, but Grace said it best: “Wow Mom, you look like a princess.”  And she did.  Alicia, in a flowing red strapless gown with her hair swept up from her face, looked completely stunning – even if she got her whole ensemble for 60 per cent off.  I can’t wait until this dress makes its way to the Chicago Shamrock Dinner.  All eyes will be on her… including those of Will Gardner, her new bestie, and master of the campaign bus, Peter Florrick.  Game on in a red dress?  I think so.

What's Next?
FINALLY.  And I really mean, finally.  It's the episode we've all been waiting for (I know it's not just me) - the Chicago Shamrock Dinner.  White-ties, red dresses, wine, punches and a few bouts of verbal sparring.  Let's not forget that Grandma Veronica is coming back to town.  Here's hoping this next episode is as delicious as the preview has led us to believe!  


  1. Hi Pink, Great post!
    Despite the fact that not alot happened in this episode, I loved it.
    Everything went so well for all of my favourite characters!
    I love Kalinda and Robyn together, I love that Cary seems to be getting the recognition he deserves from Dianne and I love that Eli finally got rid of Jordan.
    Most of all however, I love Team Gardner friendship, there is just so much mutual respect between them, amongst other things ;). That scene where Alicia is walking towards Will's office and the music swells as she sees him is just magic. There's definately alot more than friendship on Alica's mind, (which I think is supported by what seem to be some very intimate flashbacks in the preview)

    I agree with you about those devilish preview editors! We've seen so much in the last few previews about the Chicago Shamrock Dinner, and I'm struggling to piece all of these events together into some sort of cogent narrative!

    In my opinion, the most exciting line to come out of the previews, well maybe second to 'we were good together, weren't we?' was Will asking Alicia simply 'Can you just decide then?'

    Something tells me Alicia is unlikely to give the answer I'd like her to and run off into the sunset with Will. Nothing in The Good Wife is ever that simple, and if it were I suppose the show would have nowhere to go..

    1. Oh how lovely it would be for Will and Alicia to run off into the sunset together. My heart would be happy forever! While I don't think that's going to happen this week, I'm still holding out hope for season five... or seven. I'll wait. These two are too good to give up on!

  2. Kalinda and Robyn make a great team indeed. It's also good since Kalinda having a sidekick boosts her development. I also think I'm having a crush on Robyn. Teehee.

    Finally Cary getting some action. Partnership by the end of the season? Yes I'm hoping!

    Damn those trailer makers. I've been waiting for three episodes for that Matthew Perry appearance. Thankfully, this week will be for sure the highlight of the season. I think a juicy scene between Will and Alicia was hinted there. Hope it won't be a flashback or dream.

    Anyways, great post. Next week, we're ready!

    1. Kalinda and Robyn are strangely awesome together. While they are both so different they both have minds that are astutely inquisitive which seems to be leading them to the same conclusions. Now, if only Kalinda would give up her one big secret: What to whisper in a man's ear...

      Urgh. Those trailer ninjas. I am, however, THRILLED for "Death of a Client" this week. When it comes to a Team Gardner reunion, I'm afraid we're in for some flashbacks (she has bangs in the shots I saw), but it's better than nothing. I'm going to pretend it's real... and that Will is not at the Shamrock dinner with Laura. It's a big farce I'm going to have to uphold for myself, but it will do, at least until Sunday :)

      Thanks, as always, for your comments, Josh!

  3. I had such high hopes when I saw TR Knight was joining the cast but was disappointed with Jordan's story line. I LOVED TR on Grey's Anatomy.

    What do we think Kalinda said to the truck driver? ;-) Do you think they'll ever reveal what happened to Kalinda's husband? I mean, I think we all know what happened to him LOL but I wonder if we'll ever get details.

    Can.not.wait for next week!

    1. I'm sorry to say Jordan has been my least favourite character, maybe ever, on The Good Wife. It's not that he was a bad choice - TR Knight comes highly acclaimed - it's just that he didn't really have anything to do. I often felt myself wondering what he was adding to the show and then sadly, the answer that came to me was, 'nothing.' Unlike many of the guest stars to appear on The Good Wife, Jordan's character and story just weren't compelling.

      Now, as for Kalinda, I have NO IDEA what she said to that truck driver... but it must have been good! I have a feeling we'll never know what happened to Nick, unless it involves his body down the road. I don't think they'd ever bring him back, just based on the audience back-lash to that character. That said, I love that in the five minutes between when Nick was there and when he wasn't, the mystery of Kalinda was restored. It's like all was right with the world again.

      Next week? I've been freaking out for days! The Team Gardner flashbacks alone are enough to keep me going, but Peter punching out Mike is a close second.

  4. Ever since the news about another gala episode were released, they have been torturing us with glimpses into that promising episode. And ever since, I get disappointed that I have to wait another week for it. Well, fortunately that’s over, although they’ve left us with an even more exciting preview. Only to have that crushed on the next day by spoilers (which I haven’t read and have no idea what they say) baring bad news.

    Sorry, to the episode. I loved it. The case of the week was great; I like when they create different situations, in this case, an inquest taking place in the morgue. The opening scene alone was amazing! I also liked that they mentioned the Grand Jury in connection to the alleged corrupt judge.

    I’m enjoying the Robyn-Kalinda dynamic. I hope they keep it that way and don’t destroy it like every other new relationship I liked this season (Cary-Clarke, Maddie-Alicia, Laura-Alicia… the last one I’m still hoping for, but it’s looking like a safe bet).

    I’m so glad they got rid of Jordan! The sneaky way Eli did it, reminded me of the Mr. Gold of the first seasons. Because let’s be honest, in the most recent seasons Eli has been going soft.

    You know I always like to comment on Team Gardner, but with everything we’ve been getting about the next episode, I think it’s better if I wait for the Chicago Schamrock Dinner before saying anything…

    A great analysis on the episode as always :). I liked the moments you chose, definitely the highlights!


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