19 April, 2012

Why Cary Agos Belongs Back at Lockhart Gardner

Just in time for the finale, Cary is set to return to Lockhart Gardner
Season 3| Post Date: April 19, 2012

News of Cary Ago’s imminent return to Lockhart Gardner is swirling in the air like the sweet smell of cookies on a summer afternoon.  I, for one, couldn’t be more excited, as Cary is one of The Good Wife’s many treasures.  He’s always up to something interesting, whether trying to keep one step ahead of Kalinda, undermining the opposition or finally understanding the kind of power Peter wields.  Moving back to Lockhart Gardner also means more air time for this character, something fans have been wanting since he moved to the State’s Attorney’s Office.  Did I mention he’s not terrible to look at, either?  Yes, that too.  With much love and admiration, I say: Cary Agos, welcome home.

10 Reasons Cary Belongs Back at Lockhart Gardner
(Number one is my favourite... but how could I stop there?)

10) He has grown up – Cary’s first job out of college was with Lockhart Gardner.  His ego complimented his eagerness to tackle any project and, when he played his hand right, he came out ahead of Alicia.  He was a junior associate on fire, until the economic situation (and Alicia’s political acumen) forced him out of Lockhart Gardner and onto other opportunities.  Glen Childs found Cary at a bar and Peter kept him on after the election.  The rest, as they say, is history.  Having been gone for two years, Cary has grown into a mature, shrewd and up-standing lawyer.  Now is his time to shine.

9) He has seen some things – The situation at the State’s Attorney’s Office is, as Cary has stated, “getting murkier by the day.”  There’s no mistaking who runs the show in Cook County – it’s Peter Florrick.  Of course, that’s the way it should be, but with Peter hiring friends, firing ASAs and making decisions that could be reflecting racial bias, there’s no telling how far up (or down) the totem pole Cary will land.  One day he has a monogrammed door, the next day he’s lurking in a cubicle, using old newspaper as a note pad.

8) Now he can date anyone he wants in the SA’s Office – Dana Lodge is gone (though by no fault of Cary’s… she was the one who happily hopped aboard the Wendy Scott-Carr bandwagon and was subsequently trampled by it when it went off course) and Geneva Pine wants his head on a platter after her forced “relocation” imposed by Cary but ordered by Peter.  For now, that clears off anyone Cary *might* want to date at the SA’s Office, or at least anyone we’ve met.  Cary’s probably safest chatting up Matan Brody anyways.

7) He knows secrets… and those things are best kept in-house – Let’s not forget: Cary is the only person, aside from Alicia who knows a) That Kalinda slept with Peter and b) That Alicia and Will had a relationship.  Other people have half the story, some people have only speculation.  Cary has it all. 

6) He is like a Joni Mitchell song – Cary has “seen the world from both sides now” and he knows the pros and cons of each side of the fence.  When you think about it, in some ways, he’s the “new Kalinda” when it comes to the inner workings of the SA’s office.  Okay, no one can ever BE Kalinda, but he can try.  Also, people don’t suspect him of treachery as they do Kalinda, so it could work out in Lockhart Gardner’s favor to have him well connected.

5) He knows how Peter operates – Like Alicia, Cary now understands how Peter operates.  Having worked with Peter for a stretch of time, Cary will be able to better predict decisions and anticipate how outcomes are going to impact Peter’s campaign to become Governor.  Also, Cary now “gets” Alicia – he has been manipulated by Peter, knows how it feels and understands Alicia’s motives more than ever before.  This inside track will give him something to chat with Alicia about over late-night beers.

4) He knows Lockhart Gardner isn't really the dark side – Let’s not forget, Cary had to report to the purveyor of all things sinister, Wendy Scott-Carr.  The thing is, WSC is likely to return during the upcoming election (remember, Will wasn’t the one she was really after, even though, looking back, that remains confusing) – this means that no matter what, Cary will always be on the wrong side of WSC’s fence.  Sometimes you just can’t find greener grass… and sometimes you realize it’s the patch on which you’re standing.  

3) He is used to moving – Box in, box out, what’s one more trip?  I’ve never seen someone have to pack and unpack more than Cary Agos.  Transferring over to Lockhart Gardner hopefully means a more permanent office space… and they might even splurge to move his ficus.  I hope while they’re at it they give him a company mug.

2) He works better with Kalinda than against her – When Cary arrested Kalinda, I’ll confess that was a low-point for their relationship, but it was something he had to do.  I mean, against Kalinda, Cary is virtually powerless.  She takes things from his desk, sweet talks him into slipping him information and on occasion, he even offers things up (flashback to Cary tipping Kalinda off about her own grand jury investigation as well as all things “Blake”).  Sure, these two always tread a fine romantic line and now they’re becoming colleagues again, that could be tricky.  All things considered though, Kalinda has seen what an inappropriate ringtone can do to a relationship, so if she wants it to work, she’ll be discreet.

1) He could be part of the next legal “it” couple – Just think: Alicia and Cary could be the next Diane and Will.  Pa chow!  Stop the presses.  Yes, I just went there.  Of course, it’s too early to speculate, but I’ve thought a lot about this and it makes perfect sense.  How? 1) Alicia and Cary understand each other in a way no other two people on this show do 2) They are developing a strong friendship based on mutual respect and understanding 3) They aren’t attracted to each other (and so could happily dance in the hallways of their own law firm after hours) 4) Breaking off from Lockhart Gardner will be an inevitability – I mean, the rumor around the firm starting to sink takes hold in the last episode of this season… who’s to say if (or when) the ship will go down?  It's never to early to plan ahead.  Also, because I’m a die-hard Team Gardner fan, this would mean Alicia and Will could finally go on a date that doesn’t involve lurking in hotel bars, and 5) Cary has shown strong management potential – he is good in difficult situations and with Alicia’s keen political savvy and increasing network of business associates, the firm of Florrick and Agos is looking better by the day.

Now, over to you.  Are you excited to see Cary come back to the firm?  Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. hi!! i do agree with you! i already for a while think that Cary and Alicia is Will and Diane 2.0. ))))

  2. Can´t wait to have Cary back. And your list is pretty much complete, especially love no 1 - interesting thoughts!

    1. Cary back at Lockhart Gardner is going to be so interesting. Sure, he says he hasn't learned anything while being at the State's Attorney's Office, but we all know that isn't true. He has grown a lot and it's going to put him in good stead going forward. Now, if only I could stop thinking about all of the secrets he knows about Will, Kalinda and Alicia...

  3. Ten great reasons. There are still so many awesome things they can do with Cary...he was so underused through those 2 years. And that season the almost completely lack of interaction between Cary and Kalinda was a big letdown for me.

    1. I agree that he has been underused, but I also think they've done a great job of making him the crux of story lines. It's Cary who has to come testify on behalf of Lockhart Gardner. It's Cary working next to Peter. He's a quiet yet mighty force and certainly a welcome addition back at the firm!

  4. Great article and right on target. Cary Agos is one of tv's best charatcers...so intelligent and interesting...we can't wait to have him back and hopefully with much more screentime and stories.

    1. Thank you! Cary Agos is a great character and one I'm thrilled we'll be seeing more of come season four!

  5. I loved this episode. It reminded me of some of the unexpected things that happened to me during my work years. Like Cary the best opportunity I ever had came about because of office politics. I didn't have any idea because I was the newcomer. I kept the job when someone who was hired to replace me, and who on paper was better qualified, proved to be a dud and was gone in three months. I wasn't fired from my previous job but my boss had made it plain that when I left I wouldn't be missed.

    1. "The Penalty Box" was such an interesting episode on so many levels. The parallels you have drawn show how The Good Wife is really on point when it comes to workplace politics and the volatile situations people find themselves in. I have a feeling Peter is headed back into the "Silly Season" and that is likely to translate into some significant work conflicts. It will be fascinating to see how all of this plays out.

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Alex! I'm so glad you're enjoy it!


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