24 April, 2012

"The Penalty Box"

Episode Title: The Penalty Box
Season 3, Episode 21 | Original Air Date: April 22, 2012

Marking The Good Wife’s 21st episode of season three, The Penalty Box was anything but deserving of a time-out.  If an episode makes me scream, I’m compelled to give it an instant A.  Scream twice? A+.  Scream three times and it’s getting a chapter in my memoires.  Where did I land this week?  With the deliciously sinister Lemond Bishop back in his stunning tie/shirt/pocket square combinations and Kalinda getting a seat next to Alicia at the bar, you can bet I couldn’t sit still or stay quiet.  Please, someone remind me for season four that I need to put a Good Wife survival kit together for each and every episode.  You just never know when you’re going to need it, or when you’re going to be forced to say, I didn’t see that coming.  Oy vey.  If only this was the first time…

As I’m posting a little later than usual, I’m going to forego the episode review (check out the Latest Briefs for a few of my favorite recaps… and especially this one if you’re looking for a laugh), but I just can’t help but weigh on the best of "Pants on Fire."  With just one week until the finale, I have nothing left to say but hold on tight, this is going to be good!

In My Opinion – The Best of "The Penalty Box"

One Man and his “Dry Cleaning” Business

Lemond Bishop (Mike Colter) has finally returned, like a well-dressed phoenix from the ashes.  His name is mentioned with relative frequency but he has avoided the offices of Lockhart Gardner since season two’s “Ham Sandwich.”  I guess the crystal meth business keeps him pretty busy (and by crystal meth I mean his legitimate “dry cleaning” businesses).  Who knows how he dealt with the loss of his wife who he had murdered, but he doesn’t look any worse for the wear. 

Let’s cut to the chase: Lemond Bishop is a handsome man.  Okay, that’s probably the least important part about his character, but it’s true.  If my drycleaner looked like Bishop I would be investing in a lot more delicate fabrics.  Just saying.  Now, as attractive as Bishop is, he is equally dangerous.  Typically this doesn’t involve Lockhart Gardner in a personal way, but for some reason FBI agent Lana Delaney tracked him down and dropped Kalinda’s name.  Did Bishop write her bad checks?  No, of course not.  He has people for those kinds of things, but even if that was the case, it’s simply untrue.  He has money (hello… drug lord, I mean, ummm, dry cleaning lord).  The problem is, Bishop doesn’t like the FBI.  They don’t wear fine washables and they really don’t run in the same crowd.  Now Kalinda is on the lam from both the FBI and Bishop, which is basically a worst case scenario.  Even Alicia knows things are bad and has warned Kalinda: “Your FBI friend is going to get you killed.”  Ummm, ya.  K needs a friend (or two) more than ever and it’s nice to see Alicia looking out for her with Bishop lurking in the wings.

Bishop giving Kalinda a death threat in front of Alicia…  I didn’t see that coming #1.

Three Men in an Elevator

Judge Cuesta and Lemond Bishop standing side-by-side.  That’s right.  One of the city’s top judges standing next to the city’s top drug lords.  Too bad they didn’t even notice each other, or the fact that Eli Gold joined the party with Peter Florrick on the other end of the call.  The piece de resistance?  Eli was talking about Cary.  Well sure, why not?  Let’s throw another sucker into this mess.  It was a brilliantly executed scene and one more reason I love The Good Wife. 

Side note: I’m not sure what makes the King’s so intrigued by elevators – maybe because it’s a confined space and anything can happen, maybe it's because each time the doors open something fresh is on the other side, or maybe it's because they just love to shoot in tight quarters.  Whatever it is, I’m on board.  I want to ride the elevator at Lockhart Gardner for hours on end.  I realize that’s a strange statement, but after three years of on-the-elevator, off-the-elevator, I can’t help it.

Bishop, Cuesta and Gold, all sharing an elevator with the State’s Attorney on the other end of a call?  I didn’t see that coming #2.

Zipped Pants and other Baggage

Last week new lawyer and recovering drug addict, Callie, entered the scene and Will’s heart.  This week, she was back, but this time, Diane was interviewing her for a job at Lockhart Gardner.  Somehow Will missed this memo (oh, right, he isn’t actually “working” so he’s probably not allowed to get memos) and then had to come clean to Diane by owning up the fact he’s dating Callie.  Wait.  What?  He’s DATING Callie?  He couldn’t define his relationship with Tammy for months and he had a love affair with Alicia, but after sharing a greasy baked good he has decided Callie was the one he wants to DATE?  How many times I can I say DATE like it’s the most outrageous statement in the world?  I don’t know.  But, really.  Really?

I’m not surprised Will has finally found an Alicia rebound and if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t entirely detest Callie, though I wish I did.  As a character she has potential.  Also, she has an interesting collection of books (see image below).  I’m just not certain Will is ready to be jumping into a full-fledged relationship with her.  Sure, he has confessed he has some baggage and she has expressed interest in learning more about it… but will she be so interested when Will’s skeletons creep out of his rustically handsome closet?  Only time will tell. 

As for me, Will saying he was DATING Callie?  I didn’t see that coming #3.

Callie, Will and her book collection, including "Strange Piece of Paradise -
Return to theAmerican West to Investigate my Attempted Murder - And
Solve the Riddle of Myself.
You know... some light reading.

You’re Fired!

We all know things at the State’s Attorney’s office are complicated and murky.  Cary has done well to move his way up (and down) the ladder while working for the State, but with Alicia’s endorsement, he was able to get an interview back at Lockhart Gardner.  It’s just too bad Eli spotted him in with Diane, Will and Howard, because for whatever reason he felt the need to tell Peter.  No one likes a tattle tale, Eli. 

Flash to Peter taking things very personally upon finding out Cary was snooping on the other side of the lawn to see if the grass was greener.  The result?  One month severance and a look of disappointment.  Peter seems like a tough but fair boss, but firing Cary?  That was a little harsh, even for Peter.  He seemed so fond of his mini-protégé...

Cary being fired before going back to Lockhart Gardner?  I didn’t see that coming #4.

Side note:  Is it just me or does it seem like Eli is outstaying his welcome at the firm?  He gets a new project once every few weeks and when he’s not busy he’s meddling in everyone else’s business and trying to stir trouble with the equity partners.  Look out, Eli, because when Will gets back, I have a feeling your days are numbered. 

To the Dark Side

Here’s to Cary Agos, coming back to Lockhart Gardner, aka, the dark side.  Alicia seemed thrilled at Cary’s return and they had an unexpected heart-to-heart that was broken up by a call from Peter to Cary. Whhhhat?  Didn’t Peter just fire Cary?  I’m confused.  Luckily, this was quickly forgotten upon Cary’s quippy remark to Alicia before answering the phone: “I’m here cheating with you.”  Alicia’s expression said I have no idea what you’re talking about, but I feel like I’ve got a friend in you so I’m going to make a funny face and go along with it.  I bought it, and I think everyone else did, too.  Then, as if anything else in this entire episode mattered, Kalinda entered the bar.  After thinking things over for a minute, Alicia turned and offered the seat next to her.  Bliss.

Ending this scene just before Alicia and Kalinda shared their first drink in over a year? I didn’t see that coming #5.  My surprise was duly noted by everyone around me as well as my neighbours.  I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: The Good Wife should come with a warning.  

What’s Next?

The finale!  It’s a bittersweet time of year for all fans of The Good Wife, but we’ve got nothing left to do but count the days until “The Dream Team.”   Alicia and Kalinda will finally share that elusive drink we’ve all been waiting for and Will and Peter end up in the same elevator which can only mean one thing: fireworks (though surely less steamy than what happened in last year’s final elevator scene).  Speaking of which, rumor has it that Team Gardner fans will get something to cheer about before the season ends.  Of course, this means I'm not going to sleep until Sunday.  Meanwhile, Patti Nyholm and Louis Canning are both back and tag-teaming a Lockhart Gardner take-down.  These two are formidable opponents on their own, so together could prove to be one of the biggest challenges Lockhart Gardner has ever had to face.

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