13 April, 2012

Closing Arguments - March 2012

Alicia's iPod Playlist & Poll Results - Why Alicia Shouldn't Return to Highland Park
Season 3 | Post Date: April 13, 2012

March was packed to the brim with new episodes of The Good Wife and with just three new shows left, it’s time we take a quick look back over the last month.  This means it’s time to update your playlists with songs from The Good Wife and review the results behind our “Why Alicia Shouldn't Return to Highland Park” poll. 

Alicia's iPod Playlist
I’m not going to lie. I haven’t been able to stop playing Audra Mae’s “Here I Go Again” since it was featured in January, but fortunately, March brought with it a few new songs worthy of a playlist upgrade.

Ombra mai fu |George Frideric Handel (1738) 
Originally featured as the opening aria in Handel’s Serse 
The scene:  As Will sits at home (in a rustic, manly and superbly decorated loft), just days after the grand jury, he finds himself watching a video documentary on suicide for a case on which he is still allowed to comment.  “Ombra mai fu” plays somberly in the background as a young woman throws herself from a bridge.  End scene.

Dust Bowl III | Other Lives (2011)
The scene: After hearing her old house in Highland Park is back on the market, Alicia takes an emotional walk through the place she called home for 15 years.  In a performance truly worth of another Emmy, we watch Alicia struggle with the joy and sorrow trapped in each room of the house.  This song is a perfect accompaniment to the heartbreak we all felt as we opened the door to the past with Alicia.  This scene deserves to be watched over and over again.

My Name is Money | Sonia Leigh (2011)   
The scene: Alicia and Will get together with Frank Michael Thomas (Fred Dalton Thompson) in a bar to discuss a suit Lockhart Gardner is bringing against the NHL.  Thomas, however, is looking for something different, something he can use against Louis Canning in an upcoming class action.  Nothing is ever simple, is it?  At least we can hope Will and Alicia shared a drink before they left the bar… 
Pretty Good | Peasant (2012) 
The scene: Sitting in a different Chicago bar waiting for our favourite process server, Jack, Diane realizes she has been stood up.  What’s a lady to do but go to plan ‘b’ with the lyrics “And all night I was on your mind” playing in the background?  Seizing the moment, Diane decides to call the oft-thought about ballistics expert, Kurt McVeigh.  If there's one person who deserves to have a little fun (and a night on the town), it's Diane.  The song may have been "Pretty Good," but Diane of late has been more like Pretty Great.

November 1, 1832 (featuring Jesy Fortino) | Balmorhea (2009) 
The scene: With encouragement from her realtor, Alicia decides to write a heartfelt letter to the woman selling the old Florrick house, in the hopes it will give her offer an edge.  As Alicia struggles to write the letter, as an audience, we similarly struggle watching her go back down memory lane.  Warning: This song is intense but beautiful – listen only if you are prepared to feel a little morose.
For more songs from The Good Wife, check out Tune Find

The Results:  Why you, the readers, don’t think Alicia should return to Highland Park
In case you missed it, I’ve been stewing over this whole “Alicia moving” debacle since the story first surfaced and I couldn’t help but put together a list of reasons why I thought going back to Highland Park was a bad idea (click here if you missed it). Having had the poll up for just over two weeks, the results are in!  You, the readers of Lockhart Gardner: An Inside Look at The Good Wife, have voted and in doing so, helped me rank the reasons why Alicia should take Highland Park off her radar and focus on her future:

From my perspective, the only thing this list is missing is the obvious #9: The fact living in her old house would be awkward when things with Will finally work out.  Oh for the love of Team Gardner *sigh.*

Next Up (Note: Spoiler Alert)
The wait is finally over!  April 15 is boasting the first of three episodes that will marathon through the finale on April 29.  In the upcoming “Pants on Fire” (formerly titled “No Ordinary Lie”), things will pick up right where they left off with Jackie and Alicia in the beauty salon.  Word on the street is that Alicia recruits Kalinda to help her with the Jackie problem, but it might not be quick enough as Peter has a thing or two to say about his mother’s interference in his life.  Meanwhile, Mike is back to give Peter a run for his money, Cary is back to join Lockhart Gardner and an old “friend” of Will’s (Cassie), enters the scene and is looking for a date.  Get out your paper bags, stress balls and memories of the season two finale (elevator fireworks anyone?) – the final three episode of this season are set to be explosive.

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