02 December, 2012

The Good Wife: "Battle of the Proxies"

Episode Title: "Battle of the Proxies” aka The Sweet Smell of Disaster
Season 4, Episode 10 | Original Air Date: Sunday, December 2, 2012

There’s no time to bury the lead this week.  “Battle of the Proxies” caused me to gasp, cover my face, laugh, scream and add to my ‘I didn't see that coming list.’  In fact, I’m almost at a loss for words with this episode.  Almost.

Let’s cut to the chase: The Florrick campaign office was raided, Will duked it out with Laura in court (and then went drinking with her…), Alicia was having sex talks with her kids and Kalinda found out Nick really was smuggling heroin under the guise of a tow-truck business.  Oh.  And then she may have killed him.  Soooo, there’s that.

This week I’m going back to one of my favourite ways to relive an episode: The reaction round-up.  Jump in on the comments below, because, if you’re anything like me, you've got some thoughts!

Battle of the Proxies: Reaction Round-Up

Hot Sauce, Hot Mess
Eli’s eating in a diner, listening to classical music, reviewing campaign stats and playing the air piano.  It’s less glamorous than then air guitar, but we’ll forgive him that because he’s brilliant… and also because we can’t picture him playing the guitar.  In the midst of a concerto, Eli is interrupted by a man looking for hot sauce.  The man, David, seems harmless at first – he likes spicy food and enjoys chatting about accordions – and then he drops a bomb.  Wostergraph Industries.  We don’t know why, but Eli starts to sweat.  David knows something and he is also working at the Department of Justice, so things are beginning to look a lot like disaster. 

Eli’s first call is to Diane from a campaign worker’s phone.  After finding out his lines had been tapped in season two, he’s taking no chances this time around.  Up next?  Showing Diane the picture Kalinda had given him that Nick had stolen from Lana’s apartment.  Looking for a flow chart?  Me too.  Did I mention Eli doesn't want Alicia or Will to know about David and the question of Wostergraph Industries?  

Reaction:  My first ‘I didn't see that coming’ moment of the night, just three minutes in.  Could Eli be the next scandal on the Florrick campaign?  Why did Diane feel the need to wear her sunglasses to the meeting with David in the diner (see below)?  Was she trying to conceal her identity or does she not want to be seen at a place that serves eggs after 1pm?  How does the photo of Eli and Kalinda tie into what David is after?  I have so many questions about this story line.  

Thankfully, we were given a little more to go on.  Apparently, Eli’s association with Wostergraph Industries ties back to his ex, Vanessa (remember, she’s the one who slept with the Bin Laden) and the question of campaign financing.  I love how even though we haven’t seen Vanessa in what seems like a year, she has come back to haunt.  I also love that Eli seems panic stricken.  David is definitely on to something and it looks as though it could be seriously damaging to Peter’s campaign.  The icing on the cake is that since David works for the Department of Justice, apparently he can issue warrants.  So, he does.  He has confiscated the entire Florrick campaign office.  Okay, I really didn’t see that coming.  Phone taps are the least of Eli’s worries now.  Do I smell a third ham sandwich?

The Condom Conundrum
Alicia is busy researching clay loam (for a case, not for apartment balcony landscaping) when she discovers a recent internet search for types of condoms.  Thrown off, she decides to head to the source: her kids.  First up: Zach.  Is he dating Neesa still?  Yes.  Okay, good.  We actually had no idea what was happening with their budding romance, so it’s nice we’re back in the loop.  Are they sleeping together?  Zach says no and I tend to believe him.  Next up: Grace.  Generally, I trust her less, but the look of horror on her face when Alicia asked her about Conner was genuinely priceless.  Also, apparently Conner wants to live in Thailand and play with water balloons after graduation.  Alicia now has multiple things to worry about: sex and Thailand. Okay, make that one thing.  After picking up a stuffed horse from Grace’s floor and petting its mane to remind Grace she’s still “good,” Alicia isn't sure what to think. 

Thankfully, she has Zach, the computer genius, close at hand.  He’s as intrigued as anyone to find out who has been using the Florrick home computer for condom searches, so he decides to clean their cache.  The result?  It all comes back to Thanksgiving and Grandma.  But not Veronica, oh no.  Jackie.  Hello ‘things I didn't see coming.’

The best part?  The following exchange:

Alicia (in one of her most stunning blazers to date): “Zach… we’ll never speak of this again.” 
Zach: “I’m good with that.”

Reaction:  Oh. My. Goodness.  These scenes were a smooth blend of hilarious and horrifying and I loved every minute!  First off: Jackie?!?!??!  I have no words.  This is me.  NO WORDS!  I do, however, have two questions: 1) Will Alicia tell Peter about Jackie’s internet searches? 2) Am I the only one to be delighted by the irony that Jackie tried to spy on Alicia’s computer last year and now she’s been found out because she can’t clear her search history?  Oh sweet justice.   Next: How is Neesa only 15?  Why is she Zach’s study partner… isn’t he preparing to head to college soon?  Color me confused.  Also, why does Grace have a movement lamp (I’m sure that’s not the technical term) above her bed?  Is she three?  I’m not saying I don’t want one – I mean, she really was sleeping like a baby – but still.

One Man and his Swivel Chair
For all of you who are upset about Cary’s lack of screen time, this episode was unlikely to help the situation one bit.  That said, I like to take what I can get, so I’m choosing to focus on how much I love that Cary can swivel around in his chair and talk to Alicia whenever he wants.  I adore these two hashing out cases together – I just wish we got more of it.  On the upside of Cary’s lack of story again this week, he wasn’t replaced or upstaged by Alicia’s new giant giraffe.  Also, his name was dropped and resulted in the beginning of the end of Nick, so, things are coming up roses in the land of Agos.  Well, ish.

Goodbye Nick Savarese
Nick wants Cary off his case.  Alicia wants Nick out of the office.  Cary wants a love interest, a story line and maybe a law firm with Alicia. But back to Nick.  Apparently he didn’t like Cary coming to his tow yard and dropping words like ‘smuggling’ and ‘heroin.’  It’s too bad for Nick that Alicia has Cary’s back on this and doesn’t want him for a client.  After saying Lockhart Gardner will no longer represent him, things get personal.  Nick threatens Alicia and tells her not to go to the State’s Attorney’s Office with anything she’s been told.

Flash forward – Alicia and Kalinda:

Alicia: “Am I not in danger?” 
Kalinda: “You won’t be.”

This kind of statement can only mean one thing: Badass Kalinda time.

With Audra Mae’s ‘Jebidiah Moonshine’s Friday Night’ playing in the background, Kalinda hops in her car and heads to the industrial park where Nick, henchman Bill and a few other random people work.  Gunning it, she drives her car and t-bones a vehicle and nearly some guy.  He ends up on the ground, so she takes him out, grabs his gun and shoots open the truck of another car.  Inside?  Bundles (bricks?) of heroin.  I’m not up to speed on the lingo, but I can tell you it’s a lot of drugs.

Now K knows Nick is the shady dealer he’s been suspected of being, she takes matters into her own hands.  Let’s face it: She can’t have people threatening Alicia.   When it comes to Kalinda, that’s the worst possible thing Nick could have done.  She’ll put up with abuse, theft and drug trafficking, but she won’t stand for threats directed at Alicia.  Everyone has a line – this is Kalinda’s.

The next thing we know, Kalinda is standing face-to-face with Nick.  She tells him to go and gives him a map as well as a key to a locker filled with $10,000.  He basically says, ‘meh’ when it comes to getting out of Chicago and challenges her by asking what she’ll do if he doesn't go. 

Flash forward: Alicia is sipping tequila by herself, waiting for Kalinda while the song, ‘Where is my Mind’ plays in the background.  Kalinda surfaces.

Kalinda: What did I miss? 
Alicia: Not much, where were you? 
Kalinda: Out. 
Alicia: You look relieved. 
Kalinda: I am. 
Alicia: And you’re safe? 
Kalinda: Ya. You are, too. 
Alicia: Good.  What if he comes back? 
Kalinda: He’s not coming back. 
Alicia: You’re sure? 
Kalinda: Ya.

Reaction: I’m sorry, what?  Did Kalinda just kill Nick?!?!  I’ve thought about this scene a million times already and it’s the only possible way I can calculate his guaranteed disappearance.  But how?  She was in Lockhart Gardner’s offices.  Also, her vehicle has to be damaged after using it as a weapon.  We’ve seen the size of hole in her apartment wall and there’s no way a body is fitting in there.  Plus, hiding a body in your apartment seems like a bad idea.  Could she have killed him, taken him back to the tow yard and torched everything?  She has escaped him with fire before, could she do it again?  Would she actually kill someone?  WHAT’S HAPPENING?!?!?  Am I a little impressed that she got rid of Nick and was only a few minutes late for drinks with Alicia?  Yes.  I’m also thrilled that in one foul swoop, Kalinda is back to being deliciously mysterious.    

Two Verdicts: Guilty
Will is in court against Laura, who is turning out to be a formidable opponent.  The case?  A young woman was murdered at a music festival and her body was dumped 50 miles away.  What’s fascinating here is that the case was being tried in Chicago and Minooka County, which means two potential murderers were on trial.  While Alicia was monitoring things in Minooka, Will was holding his own in Chicago. 

The best part about this case was not that Will told Alicia to drive safe and she smiled (the smallest of Team Gardner moments, but I’ll take it!) and not even that Maton Brody was back (I was beginning to think he and Julius had made good their escape), but that we had a meticulously scripted dance between two courtrooms and two cases, both which led to the same questions.  How do you represent someone when you know they’re guilty?  Where is the line between truth and justice?  As Alicia continues to struggle with these moral dilemmas, Will has no trouble drawing a line in the sand: He was hired to do a job.  Guilty or not guilty, he’s there to do the best he can for his client. 

This week, it was an uphill battle that saw Lockhart Gardner lose to the State.  With their client off to jail, Will headed to the bar, where he found Laura.  They had a drinking buying bet going this week, so Will made good on his debt.  He signaled for two drinks (which, by the way, I never understand.  If I were to go into a bar and give the infamous Will point, I’m pretty sure I wouldn't end up with two shots of tequila) and started chatting.

Will: ‘Till the next one. 
Laura: I can’t wait. 

Sure, I play it cool pretend to play it cool, when it comes to Team Gardner, but these two actually seem to have some chemistry.  This is a horrifying development!  Team Gardner can’t become Team Gardner Hellinger.  Terrific double name aside, I’m seriously upset about where things are going here.   I had liked Laura, but now I might be forced to vote her off the island.  What’s more, I can foresee a scene where Laura goes for drinks with Alicia and says something like, ‘So, I’m dating this guy… and you know him.’  The only saving grace here is that Amanda Peet isn't slated to be around forever (which does make me sad and yet...).  

Why must the writers do this?  Oh drama.  It’s good when it’s happening to Jackie, not so much when it’s happening to me.  And by me I mean Alicia and Will.  Oh for the love of Team Gardner.

What were your reactions to this week's episode?  Love it?  Hate it?  What happened to Nick?  Where are things going with Laura and Will?  

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26 November, 2012

The Good Wife: "A Defense of Marriage" and Giraffes

Episode Title: "A Defense of Marriage”
Season 4, Episode 9 | Original Air Date: Sunday, November 25, 2012

A life-sized giraffe, five bottles of wine, two mothers, one brother, one Cuban (caregiver, not cigar) and a giant turkey (and I don’t mean Peter… but yes, I sort of do).  It’s just another Florrick family Thanksgiving!

I’ve been waiting for a family gathering like this since season one, so to say I was excited is an understatement.  What I’m most grateful for?  This episode lived up to my very high expectations and in some regards, exceeded them.  Whenever The Good Wife throws family into the mix (flashback to Will’s amazing sisters and the always entertaining Owen), everything gets better and at least 85% more embarrassing.  It’s the perfect equation and a most delicious mid-season treat.

This week, I’m taking a festive spin on things: Thanksgiving at the Florricks = A multi-course meal.  Let’s dig in!

A Chocolate Appetizer
David Lee + Veronica Lloyd (aka, Alicia’s Mom, aka Stockard Channing) = Pure intrigue covered in a candy-coated shell.  Why is Veronica talking to David?  Well, she’s being accused of having an affair with Henry, an oil man from Alaska, by the son of Malcolm (who had the soul of a vagabond), who is now dead.  Clear. As. Mud.  Off the top, it’s easy to see where Alicia gets her messy life genes from. 

Flash forward.

As Veronica tried to quasi-seduce the sly and oddly captivated (and dare I say interested?) David Lee, we learned a few important things: 1) She likes M&Ms (of which David always seems to have an ample supply) 2) She likes Jewish men (further elaboration not required) and 3) She has yet to find someone to satisfy her (Veronica: “They either bore me or die.” David: “I could see us becoming best friends.  Here, have more chocolate.”  Okay, that last part didn’t really happen, but David sat there and laughed in a way that both scared and intrigued me, so I’m convinced this is what he was thinking). 

What’s interesting is Alicia’s Mom is a complete mystery to us, except we know she’s had many husbands and Alicia will do almost anything to not be like her.  As far as I can tell, the only thing these two have in common (aside from both liking Owen) is affection for red wine.  Veronica is whimsical in ways Alicia isn’t; She is spontaneous and little irresponsible and we’ve been painted a picture where we can imagine her sneaking out under the cover of darkness for her next big adventure.  While I’m moderately hoping she slips away with David Lee as her rebound fling (stop for a second and picture it – funny, right?), it’s the unease she’s brought to Alicia’s life that drives a deeper understanding of the foundation on which this show is built.

Everything Veronica is, Alicia is not.  That’s our basic understanding.  However, when talk of Will surfaced, something interesting happened.  Alicia got emotional.  Of course, as an avid Team Gardner fan, I did, too.  Alicia’s relationship with Will was the closest she’s ever been to acting like her Mom though, and that, without question, is a scary place to be.   “The older you get, the more you realize there’s only one thing: Happiness” said Veronica.  And it’s true.  Alicia knows it.  Unfortunately, her dedication to Peter continues despite the fact Will has her heart. 

My greatest frustration with Alicia is that whenever there’s a burst of emotion in her life – no matter what that seems to be – she winds up having sex with Peter in a bathroom.  Okay, it’s not always a bathroom, but there is precedent for that statement.  Tonight, I wish she had simply taken her Mom’s gift of Vagina: A New Biography (which is apparently, “very powerful”) and stayed cooped up in her room, using Will’s ‘most eligible bachelor’ magazine spread as a bookmark.   

A Handful of Nuts
A large group of random characters thrown together in the offices of Lockhart Gardner? Talk about being thankful - I love these scenes!  The Good Wife writers know a thing or two about creating awkward gatherings and they continue to do so with extraordinary success.  As if the chat between Will and Owen wasn’t blowing my mind enough, they had to throw in Veronica.  I *may* have screamed a little and exclaimed something about Will meeting the parents.  When David Lee entered the picture and the conversation took a turn towards Alicia as an eight-year-old swimmer, my evening was made.  And then it got better.  Alicia surfaced.   Seriously.  I was jumping on my couch.  The only thing that topped this scene was Veronica talking to Will about her new must-read book, Vagina, and having her get a few details on his love life (which resulted in two jazz hands and a shriek from me – he’s not seeing anyone… and Alicia overhear it!). 

These flash gatherings are turning into some of the best scenes on The Good Wife.  You never know when they’re going to happen, but you can always guarantee they’re going to be great.

The Horn of Plenty
Speaking of people being thrown together in awkward and embarrassing situations…. Thanksgiving at the Florricks was more like a jungle-inspired war zone (with the bathroom being an unfortunate bomb shelter).   Jackie brought Cristian, her Cuban caregiver (and dare I suspect, ummm, something more?),  Cristian brought a drink to poor over ice, Veronica brought a giant giraffe for Grace and a skateboard for Zach, Owen brought wine: three bottles of white and two bottles of red (which should have held this group until appetizers were served) and Peter brought liquor and his A-game.  Grace didn't bring her new boyfriend, but I’m sure that was just an oversight. 

Watching Jackie and Veronica throw banter back and forth was as entertaining as any tennis match I’ve ever seen.  Three points for Jackie who blamed her stroke on the fact she had to help with the kids without Veronica’s help, and three points for Veronica who said Jackie should know a thing or two about paying for companionship by the hour.  Pa chow!  The piece de resistance?  Peter’s conversation with Cristian:

Cristian : “She’s a funny lady… we laugh… She has extended my hours”
Peter: “Really?  Is that necessary?”
Cristian: “No.”

Soooo… that just happened.   

On the one hand I’m glad Jackie has found someone to help balance things (I’m pretty sure Cristian wouldn’t have approved of Jackie riffling through Alicia’s lingerie last season), but on the other hand I wonder if he’s working his way into her life for ulterior motives.  I could just be questioning his actions because I clearly missed the boat on the whole ‘Maddie’s a lesbian and out to take Peter out at the knees’ thing, so on this story line, I’m trying to be proactive.

A Side of Frozen Peas, Please
Stop the presses: Cary Agos is alive.  ALIVE! Whew!  I thought about this all week, and while I’ll admit to being a little disappointed when we didn’t get any follow-up on how Cary got home that night, the absence of commentary on the matter has led me to believe he crawled to his car and put some frozen peas on his rib cage when he got home.  Using the guise of a ‘basketball injury’ to explain his bruised face (something I’m pretty sure Will was skeptical of, because, let’s face it: he knows what a parking lot brawl injury looks like), everyone bought into the lie. 

Everyone but Nick.  Awful, deceitful, sleazy, Nick. 

Cary, boldly, headed to see Nick on the job and pulled out all the stops when explaining his connection to the State’s Attorney’s Office.  As it turns out, Cary has spent a lot of his time (now that he has a desk, an office and some pens) investigating Nick and the world of tow truck businesses.  He has found out about broken-handed Bill and his drug (heroin to be exact) smuggling ways and, is if it were possible, Nick hates Cary more than before.  Where does this leave us?  Well, there’s still no sign of Nick departing and Kalinda doesn’t appear to suspect anything suspicious about Cary’s injuries.  Urgh.  Getting rid of Nick seems like trying to rid your house of a pesky rabies-infested racoon that has nested in your attic.  I’m beginning to think it might end up being Cary who drives Nick out of town – one tip of the drug smuggling accusations into the ear of Peter Florrick could prove to be a very interesting turn of events.  And I won’t object.  No one arranges to have Cary beaten up and gets away with it. No one.

All that Cherry Pie Crust
There was a case of the week – of that I can be certain – but with all of the family drama it was hard to keep track.  Owen was in the courtroom one minute, talking to Will another and before long he was greeting Alicia at her door with a monstrous stuffed giraffe lurking like his partner in crime.  Bebe Neuworth was back as Judge Claudia Friend (a surprisingly normal character in contrast to others on the bench) and Brian Delaney reprised his role of “Bucky” for a second episode.  In my opinion, despite the relevant commentary on the defense of marriage, the question of attorney ethics was the most relevant outcome of this case.  Can you sacrifice a client for a cause?   We’ve seen this theme a number of times, most frequently when it comes to healthcare cases, however, this week, it became about one lawyer on a mission to fight for the memory of his brother who died of AIDS, at the expense of his client. 

Up Next: “Battle of the Proxies”

Laura is back and Will’s up against her in the courtroom defending someone who appears to be 50 shades of guilty.  Somehow this leads to drinks.  I’m a little weary of where all of this is going (and while friends have pointed out these two could end up closer than I would like), I hope this relationship stays platonic.  Alicia’s life is messy.  With Kalinda having slept with Peter and Maddie now running for Governor, Alicia only has one friend who has more than two degrees of separation from other people in her life, and that’s Laura.  On this one, I’d like to see her catch a break.

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18 November, 2012

The Good Wife: "Here Comes the Judge"

A Battle of the Suits
Season 4, Episode 8 | Original air date: November 18, 2012

“I don’t want to be part of the problem, I want to be part of the solution” said no Florrick child ever.  Until now.  Zach has decided to use the name ‘Jay’ and work undercover on Peter’s campaign in IT, while Grace has fallen for a bad boy at school whose ex-girlfriend recently committed suicide.  You know, regular kid stuff.  Alicia truly deserves a medal – these kids are a hot mess.  Granted, not more of a mess than usual, but I’m sure it’s coming.  To be fair, however, they entertained me this week, so I’ll cut them both a little slack… but only because Thanksgiving at the Florrick’s is coming up next and I’m already excited!

In “Here Comes the Judge” we found ourselves in the midst of a number of sensitive situations – Judge Creary showing bias against Will, Cary trying to manage Nick’s tow truck dealings and Eli juggling Peter’s roller coaster results.  It was a true battle of the suits this week - let’s get straight to the highlights.

Cary Agos in Calvin Klein
I have to go here first because I’m still reeling from the fact that when last we saw the beloved Cary Agos, he was left for dead in a rain-soaked parking lot.  I can only imagine what he will look like come next week (by the nature of the attack, I’m guessing a number of fractured ribs and a lot of bruises, if not some internal bleeding).  Of course, the heinous and dastardly Nick was behind it and all because he has a jealous streak longer than the Nile.  I had hoped The Good Wife’s preview ninjas had deceived us just a little last week and that the attack wasn't going to be what it seemed, but when Nick is in the picture, all bets are off.

While I’m more than a little upset about Cary getting pulled into Nick’s dirty dealings (especially because he has been nothing but kind and professional to this leather-clad scum bag), I’m glad Cary is playing a bigger role each week on The Good Wife.  Also, this attack is going to provoke a lot of interesting questions and scenes going forward.  Here’s where I’m going with this:

  • Who is going to find Cary in the parking lot?  Will he be able to make it to his car to call for help?  If so, who will he call? 
  • What is this “random act of violence” going to do to the firm?  A ‘buddy system’ for walking to your car at night?  (This could be a win for Team Gardner.  Just saying.)
  • How will Kalinda react when she finds out what happened to Cary?
  • Will Cary remember what happened?  Will he recall the comment about his suit?
  • Will Kalinda suspect Nick?  (Please say yes!  Like the break-in happening at Lana’s apartment, this parking lot accosting has Nick’s name written all over it)
  • Will Alicia put the pieces together and affirm her fears of Nick being dangerous?
  • How will this change Alicia and Cary’s relationship?  (Stronger than ever, I hope!)
  • Might Will start to cut Cary a break now that he has been through greater life struggles?  Getting beat up in the parking lot of your law firm shows a serious level of commitment to one’s job.
  • Is anyone else thinking about these things or am I the only one?  

Of course, while I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep tonight with all of these questions running through my head, I’m left only to wonder if this might just be the push Kalinda needs to make Nick a distant memory.  How she will get rid of him is anyone’s guess.  Of course, I have theories (some of which involve Lemond Bishop, some of which involve the FBI and some of which involve her burning her apartment to the ground), but it’s all purely speculative.  For now, I’m worried about Cary and perhaps a little thankful he wasn't wearing his Brioni suit on the night of attack.

Will Gardner – The Suit is Off
Guess who’s back?  Giada.  Remember her?  The independently wealthy student who was arguing the Hansel and Gretel witch debacle in moot court?  The one who made Will recuse himself?  If none of this rings a bell, know this:  It was Giada’s wine Will was drinking from a coffee mug when he called Alicia in the season one finale.   Ahhhh yes.  Giada.  Talk about characters I never thought I’d see again! 

To make a long story short, Giada seemed to be friendly with the very biased Judge Creary and Will just happened to need her to testify on a rather scandalous bar conversation.  The obvious next step was for Will to seduce her… or her him… I’m not really sure in what order things happened, but before long underwear was on briefing documents and they were sharing spoonfuls of ice cream.  Of course, Giada didn’t give in when Will asked for her help (she’s always been a bit of a tough customer), but in true Lockhart Gardner fashion, none of that ended up mattering.
To be honest, all of this Giada business left me with one question: What happened to Callie?  Sure, she didn't buy him $180 glasses of wine, but that’s not necessarily Will’s style anyways.  Callie was more like Tammy –with not quite as snappy of wardrobe.  In any case, whether it’s Giada, Callie or Tammy, no one is Alicia.  And for that I’m grateful. 

Kalinda – Buttoned Down
Drinks with Will twice in one episode?  It must have been my lucky week!  Next to K drinking with Alicia, her shooting tequila with Will is one of my favourite things.  These two have such an interesting friendship.  It’s based on a solemn respect and admiration for one another and while they both have secrets, they don’t judge each other for the decisions they’ve made.  A drink with these two is a bit like Christmas morning.   With each sip a new treasure is revealed.  Sometimes it comes in the form of satire while other times it is pure honesty.  That’s what we were treated to this week when Kalinda popped the question: do you ever get jealous?   This wasn’t like past conversations (read: “You need a dog. Kalinda and pooch, out investigating”) because Will could sense Kalinda has been experiencing a significant life event.  He may never find out Nick is Kalinda’s husband, but somehow that seems okay.  Maybe it will come out, maybe it won’t, but the trust these two have in the realm of the very unspecific is remarkable.

Eli Gold – All Suits on Deck
Social media numbers are up and the IT volunteers are to blame… errrr… reward.  Hired!  But wait, the one responsible for all of this good work is a guy named Jay… errrr… Zack Florrick.  Wait.  What?  Zach is working undercover to help out his Dad’s campaign?  Finally, something good!  Okay, it’s not as impressive as when Zach was using his iPod to record videos of his front door, but this is, without question, the best thing he’s done in three years.  Eli might just have an ally in young Florrick, if only they can convince Alicia to sign-off on this volunteer project.  Considering Grace has befriended her school’s resident bad boy, Alicia has bigger things to worry about.  Zach – welcome to the team.   

Next Up:  “A Defense of Marriage” aka Thanksgiving at the Florricks

I have been waiting for a holiday episode of The Good Wife for the last 76 episodes.  If you do the math, yes, that means I've been waiting since season one episode one.   Literally.  My level of excitement is hitting a high equal to that of the anticipation leading up to “Another Ham Sandwich.”  For fans of this blog, you know this is big.  I mean business.

I love the fireworks that inevitably go off when everyone comes together (especially when Owen is around!) and I can’t get enough of the prospect of having Alicia’s mother join the drama.  In “A Defense of Marriage” David Lee becomes counsel for Alicia’s Mom’s latest divorce, while Peter is lectured with a ‘let her go’ speech.  Oy vey, this is going to be good.

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