07 January, 2013

The Good Wife: "Boom De Ya Da" - The Doomsday Trifecta

"Boom De Ya Da"
Season 4, Episode 11 | Original Air Date: January 6, 2013

This week, I'm writing from a hotel room in Los Angeles.  I'm here on vacation, and while I've embraced a life without deadlines for the next 10 days, the reappearance of Louis Canning and Wendy Scott-Carr has forced me throw my Zen out the window.  These two are shaking up just about everything on The Good Wife.  Toss in Clarke Hayden and it has suddenly turned into the doomsday trifecta.

For "Boom De Ya Da," I'm looking at the four most gasp-worthy moments, all of which are still sending me through the roof.  Once I get these off my chest, it's back to vacation, while humming Houaida Goulli's rendition of "I Love the Mountains."

Disease: Found in Pools and Law Offices Nation-wide

Personally, I love when The Good Wife takes things out of the courtroom.  Other offices?  Love them. A character's home? Can't get enough.  This week, we found ourselves at a not-so-little hotel on the prairie.  Deep in the Minnesota woods, Alicia and Louis Canning went head-to-head over some foreclosed property containing vacant swimming pools serving as breeding grounds for West Nile-infected mosquitos.  As someone border-line terrified of contracting this insect-borne disease, I was both intrigued and horrified about this case.  What I learned: Never jump a fence into a yard with a pool.  Message received.

But I digress.

Alicia (clad in what can only be described as a stunning cherry red blazer) and Louis (buttoned up in a brown three-piece number), spent the majority of the episode waiting around for a client who was missing in action 90% of the time.  Fortunately, with Alicia and Louis, there's never a dull moment.  As creatures of habit, these two fall into old rhythms better than best friends at a reunion: Louis lies, Alicia buys in and then figures out Louis foiled her (again), at which point she turns things around and serves him a juicy slice of humble pie.  It's deliciously predictable in the lease predictable way possible... if that makes sense.  I mean, there's nothing Louis says that I believe, no matter how convincing.  I only make one exception, and that's when he discusses his ridiculously lovely wife, Simone.  He seems completely genuine about her.  Everything else is a bust.  The only part I never see coming when it comes to Louis is why exactly he lied and how he always seems to get away with it.

Stick with me here.  Remember in "Parenting Made Easy" when he stole paperwork from Alicia's briefcase when she was dealing with Grace's disappearance?  First, he pretended to care and then he blatantly stole files.  Win, lose or draw, Louis Canning never fails to surprise me... or creep me out.

Of course, that's why he's amazing.  And, also, apparently how he's managed to acquire ALL of Lockhart Gardner's debt.  Say what?!  I did not see this coming at all.  I feel as though I'm more prepared for the zombie apocalypse than I am for Canning to be the firm's new creditor.  Forget the "De Ya Da" - let's just go with "Boom."

Side note: Did anyone else wonder why the woodland hotel was surrounded by trees donning their brilliant autumn colors?  Don't get me wrong, I love to watch leaves change, but I'm pretty sure it's winter in Minnesota.  If there's one thing I learned from watching the Ingalls homestead for nine years, it's that snow falls in that state in January.

Clothes, Incidentals and Sleepovers

Knock, knock.

Kalinda stands at the door with Alicia's clothes in one hand, a wine bag in the other.

  Alicia: "I miss drinking red wine at three in the afternoon."
  Kalinda: "I miss this."
  Me:"Eeeeeeeeee!" <insert clapping>
  Kalinda: "I'm sorry."
  Alicia: "I know."
  Me: *Sigh* "We're all sorry..."

Next morning, Kalinda is on the phone to Will while Alicia puts on her coat

  Me: "They just had a sleepover! They just had a SLEEPOVER!"

Best. Scene. Ever.

Okay, maybe not ever-ever, but definitely one of the best of season four.  Thank you, Good Wife Writers, for giving me one relationship for Alicia I can get behind.

The Raid

She's back.  Wendy Scott-Carr.  We knew she would be - she's too good/evil not to lurk in the wings.  How she got another contract to work in Cook County is beyond me, but she's smart, resourceful and most of all, determined to end corruption in the government.  Like Canning, I'm skeptical of her intentions.  Her battles often go from a business objective to a personal vendetta overnight.  Also, while she postures about unbiased practices, I'm pretty sure she's still after Peter (and maybe Will for that matter).  As it turns out this week, she's also after Eli Gold.  It was only a matter of time.

While Diane tried to scare WSC, it backfired like a car making a getaway in a dirty alley.  Wendy saw the threat and raised her by filing a warrant to seize all of Eli's files from the firm.  Now Eli's looking for a new lawyer and Lockhart Gardner is tangled in what's sure to be another scandal, as though Clarke Hayden needed another reason to hate the whole lot of them...

Cary Agos: Tutor

Okay, hate might be a strong word.  He doesn't hate Cary.  Or, he didn't, until Cary told Will, Diane and the faux-judge with the gavel, he was tutoring Clarke for 10 hours a week for the Bar exam.  Once again, color me surprised.  Clarke looked immeasurably hurt when he found out Cary felt he had to tutor Clarke for the security of his job, not out of the genuine friendship he thought they had forged.

I felt terrible for both Clarke and Cary.  First off, Cary is always placed in these situations where he has to testify for someone at Lockhart Gardner.  It's a good thing he's honest and loyal.  For Clarke "you use illogical passion for winning at all costs" Hayden, he was under the impression he and Cary were building a serious friendship.  The truth is, I kind of thought that, too.  While what happened was unfortunate, I worry Clarke won't be able to forgive Cary.

Now the firm has five short weeks to figure out their finances and rid themselves of pesky Clarke forever.  It's just too bad the new creditor is Canning... and that their landlord is Maddie Hayward.  Who thinks these two are going to give Lockhart Gardner a break?  It looks to me this business just got personal.


  1. What a bang after the few weeks without it. I loved ELi's comment about the fact that no one ever leaves. Thats why the Good Wife is one of the best written shows. Very few shows give such background and scope to small characters and then follow through and allow them to have such an affect on a story line.

    Im hoping of more Canning now that he has bought the debt. I think the fact he wife points out how highly he regards Alicia that this may be the reason why.

    And I agree with you on Cary. He's always put in these situations. And so understated. He does seem ge finds the little details in a case that breaks it and yet its Alicia who gets to see the case out. I want more of those two working together. As you have said before they really are the new Diane and Will.


    1. Thanks for writing in Sarah!

      I agree with you - Eli's comment about people never leaving is so true, especially on The Good Wife. You never know when and you never know how, but you can almost always be guaranteed that no one is ever really gone.

      As for Canning, I'm curious to see how they are going to incorporate this storyline into the bigger picture. As we only tend to see Louis randomly, I wonder if he'll get more screen time or if perhaps he'll be the phantom investor, not dissimilar to how Mike Krestiva continues to haunt us? Rumor has it the Dream Team will be back in full force in two weeks, when, I'm assuming more will be revealed!

  2. Hi Pink

    Glad you are still on vacation. I only have a few days off before and after Christmas. Should I imagine you to be somewhere deep in the woods just like Alicia :-) probably not in Minnesota i guess...ha !

    But I am happy to read your review even when you are on vacation ! Such dedication deserve a visit from this "guest star" !

    I loved Michael J Fox since back to the future ! Oh ya! I am old enough to remember that. I loved his chemistry with Alicia ! There are really the best fren-enemies if I could call it that.

    Anika Rose is again very good and prove to be a good foe for Eli ! Lots of tension and drama!

    This episode finally let us know the exact situation the firm is in, they now need another 40 million dollars in 5 weeks ! Perhaps they need help from Mr Bishop ! Ha..!

    Oh... I should warn you to against watching next week preview at least till your vacation is over! Continuing reading at your own risk !

    Next week we will see peter having an "affair" again

    with Alicia ! Sorry :-)

    1. I couldn't help but write while away on vacation - it's one of my favourite parts of the week! Thank you for writing in and always being such a great guest star, TGW Fan - I love when you pop by!

      While I wasn't in the back country of Minnesota, I did enjoy some much needed time away... despite the fact I didn't get to drink wine at three in the afternoon and chat it up with Michael J. Fox. I did, however, see his star in Hollywood... so maybe it's kind of the same thing? :)

      Now, to the episode!

      I loved seeing Louis Canning back in fine form. So manipulative and yet so successful. How he landed his amazing wife, I'm not sure, but she's definitely his better half. I didn't predict that he'd be the one swooping in as Lockhart Gardner's creditor... but then again, I never really know what he's going to do next. Interesting though, that he took over Stern's practice when he died and now he's invading Lockhart Gardner territory. King of the world? He just might be.

      Wendy Scott-Carr - She's so sweetly evil it's intoxicating to watch. I just detest her character so much I can't help but love it. I'm a hot mess of contradictions when it comes to her, but it's all in the name of good drama. She never seems to come out the victor, but she's always a good go-to when it comes to stirring the pot. Now that Eli is hiring Elsbeth, I can't wait to see Scott-Carr and Tascioni go head-to-head again. It's going to be magical!

      Peter and Alicia. Urgh. I can't even talk about it. Worst ever. Talk about a depressing way to end my vacation. I don't even know what's happening here. I'm just hoping the writers throw us a little Team Gardner hope before the end of the season. I miss their sidelong glances and 'thank you' ear whispers. It's just not the same without them!

  3. Houaida Goulli - Great song, and the tune shows up many times on the internet. But there's nothing about the singer, and this seems to be her only recording ever. Does anyone know differently?

    1. I can't find anything else out about her either. I've searched a few different ways but the only thing I can find information on is this very song, 'I Love the Mountains.' If I track anything else down, I'll definitely post!

  4. I liked this episode but I was very disappointed with the Alicia/Kalinda scene. It could have been so much more. I think this season is sorely missing character development and development of the relationships. Sadly, I'm not enjoying this season as much as I have the previous ones.

    1. I have to say that I loved the scene between Kalinda and Alicia, but I appreciate what you're saying about wanting more. I think season two is the season to beat, and I agree that what's happening this year isn't to that level. That said, I think the last half of season four has good potential, especially with the campaign. Here's hoping for greater character development going forward.

  5. Those four moments you mentioned were genuinely the most intriguing parts of the ep. The lawsuit and how this episode was framed were unique in a way. The ‘Kalicia’ bonding was heart-warming. And the mediation was okay and I really felt sorry for Cary and Clarke Hayden. But the scene of the raid was really the moment where tension broke loose.

    That storyline is growing fast and is getting better. I really hope the writers improve this progression because in this storyline we get to see more of Eli. Not only do we get to see distracted by his ambitious second-in-command, but this story affects the Florricks and his wife in a political way.

    Also, Wendy Scott-Carr. She’s back and I’m glad. She really is a bitch - if Satan was a woman, her standard facial would be like WSC’s. But her passion and zealousness to bring justice is awesome. But the raid on Lockhart/Gardner was an infuriating nail-biter. And now I’m also wishing to see a court hearing of some sorts real soon.

    Now that LG is affected, Diane has a conflict of interest and can’t get to action and Eli needs a new attorney. But, the return of Elsbeth Tascioni is something to be hopeful for. I really love her lawyering skills and she returning to kick WSC’s ass again is promising.

    Ending was a twist. I mean, Canning being the new LG creditor? Didn’t expect that. As you said, it was deliciously predictable in the least predictable way possible. So yeah, Canning seems to get the last laugh in the most episodes he’s in. His wife was hot, too.

    There are lots of subplots going on in the show right now that are far greater than any other TV drama, which makes TGW simply superb.

    Love your blog. I’m also a huge fan of TGW and I just discovered it earlier this year and your love for the show is very stimulating. Keep it up! :-)

  6. I loved the Kalinda-Alicia scene and was a bit surprised, because I didn't really think they would have Kalinda and Alicia ever talk about what happened (even if only for an apology). It also reminded me of the Cary-Alicia scene earlier this season (it seems like the bonding this season is happening in hotel rooms) and I wonder who's next...
    On a side note, Alicia talking about how she enjoyed the 3pm silence, was an excluded dialog from Nine Hours (2x09) when Kalinda and Alicia are talking in Alicia's room.

    I'm loving the Eli story line and wondering where it will go... if it's anything like Will's investigation, the real motive behind it is yet to appear (and I think when it comes to WSC, there are always hidden motives).

    As for Clarke and Cary... I was sad that it had to come to that and end that way. He, actually, they both seemed hurt/sad. I liked their bromance. Why are they destroyinng every new friendship that I liked this season? First Maddie and Alicia, Cary and Clarke, Alicia and Laura (well, maybe this is me getting ahead thinking it's what's going to happen once Laura and Will start dating).

  7. Alicia was wearing a gorgeous watch and it was shown full screen during this episode. Anyone know the brand of watch?

    1. This is her second new watch of the season! After three years of the same watch with the black band, now she's all about switching things up. I'm unsure of the brand, but I've tweeted Daniel Lawson, the costume designer on The Good Wife, so we'll see if I hear back. Sometimes all you can do is ask! You can check out Daniel @goodwifefashion.

  8. Anyone know the real name of that hotel?

    1. I'm trying to figure this out... but haven't come up with a concrete answer yet. I'll keep you posted!

    2. It's the Bear Mountain Inn


    3. The Bear Mountain Inn, nestled in New York state. Thanks for posting, Scott!

  9. Great post! Riveting as well, a West Nile laden mosquito in a telephone booth. The second half of the season promises to be exciting!

    1. This was a very interesting case, even given the fact those mosquitoes seemed terrifying. I agree, the next half of the season is shaping up to be great, especially now that Canning, Tascioni and Scott-Carr are jumping into the picture in a big way.

  10. I reviewed this last week, but apparently, something happened to it.

    First of all, I loved the Alicia and Kalinda apology scene, especially, because I wasn't expecting it to happen (ever - I thought they had moved on and would never speak of it again). Did it make to your list of things you weren't expecting, Pink? LOL.
    It's interesting that they decided to reshoot the 'silence at 3pm' dialog. It was actually deleted from the scene where Alicia and Kalinda are talking about life in her room in Nine Hours (2x09).

    I'm really excited about Eli's story. Even more, because of his new lawyer (episode 4x12)!

    I'm sad about Clarke and Cary's friendship... I liked it. Why is it that this season they are ending all the new friendships that I like? First Alicia and Maddie, then Cary and Clarke and soon Alicia and Laura (well, maybe that's my biased wishful thinking that Alicia will be bothered and pissed enough at Laura dating Will).

    1. Thanks for writing in again - I hate when posts disappear!

      Horray for the apology scene - so good. The silence was powerful, but so were the wonderful quotes. And yes, I'm adding this scene to my list of things I #DidntSeeComing. The Good Wife always does a great job of surprising me!

      As for the friendships, you're right. Everything that has started has quickly come to an end. Alicia and Laura are still friends-on, but with our prediction of the tryst with Will, who knows where things are going to land. Well, let's be honest: Laura will eventually bring Team Gardner back together, but in the meantime, friendships could be on the line. On the upside, all old friendships seem to be going strong again. Maybe it's just a problem with new people? :)

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