01 January, 2013

New Year, New Hopes, New Reasons to Love The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Things We'd Love to See in 2013
Season 4 | Original Post Date: January 1, 2013

With 2013 upon us, it's time to look forward to the next 365 days and what might be in store for the year ahead.  Last year I wished for a Florrick family Thanksgiving (and it came true!). With that good fortune fresh in my mind, this year, I'm throwing caution to the wind and laying everything on the line, because if there's one thing I've learned over the past year on The Good Wife, it is to expect the unexpected.  Here's to 2013: A new year, with new hopes and new reasons to love The Good Wife. 

Six Things We'd Love to See in 2013

More Cary Agos – It’s what everyone’s talking about: Needing more Cary Agos.   This season has been a bit of a roller coaster for this fourth year associate – from juggling the leather-clad nightmare, otherwise known as Nick, to seeing the true colors behind his father, Cary has been put through the ringer, but in a most ‘supporting actor’ kind of way.  Of course, Cary is the apple of Clarke Hayden’s eye, but that’s only good for getting an office upgrade, not for getting a date, or a storyline.  Here’s to a new year and a new beginning for Cary Agos.  

Season Five – This almost goes without saying, but a fifth season of The Good Wife is mandatory for making 2013 pure magic. Typically, CBS announces show renewals in March, and with great ratings abounding, all signs point to fans having reason to break out the celebratory Scotch.  I’m not just saying this because I’d be crushed without the promise of another season, but, let’s face it, I would be.  Season five?  We've got this.

Cary and Alicia Save the Firm – Lockhart Gardner is in trouble.  Like global warming, it’s not news anymore, but rather, something everyone has come to live with while figuring out a solution.  Years of poor management have led the firm down the rabbit hole of debt, and as it turns out, a $60 million deficit just doesn't disappear.  While we don’t know how things are going to unravel, we do know Wendy Scott-Carr is going to be lurking in wings while Clarke Hayden threatens to pull the plug on our beloved named partners: Will and Diane.  2013 is going to be turbulent which is not made better by Julius gallivanting around Chicago, David being a loose cannon and Howard Lyman searching for early bird breakfast specials.  However, with  Alicia and Cary working so closely (from enemies to frenemies to friends), it’s not much of a long shot to wonder if Florrick and Agos have the potential to save Lockhart Gardner from total ruin.  Here’s hoping!

A Team Gardner Reunion – Okay, I don’t think it will happen in season four, but  half of 2013 will (yes WILL) boast season five, so I’m pulling out all the stops with this wish list.  The thought of a Team Gardner reunion is impossible to resist.  Also, it has been over a year since these two shared anything more than a ‘thank you’ ear whisper.   We've had a few great moments of friendship – and for those I’m grateful – but as a diehard fan of Will and Alicia, I can’t help but long for a glimmer of hope for these soul mates.  I’m tired of bad timing… let’s get these two together already!

The Return of Julius Cane – As perhaps the most level-headed Equity Partner at Lockhart Gardner, Julius Cane (Michael Boatman) is quickly going the way of Justice, Diane’s beloved four-legged friend: Extinct.  We haven’t heard a word from Julius yet in season four and with the firm in dire financial straits, it doesn't make any sense.  Sure, I've imagined a variety of situations where his disappearance would be acceptable (my favourite options being a) Julius sneaking out under the cover of darkness to join Louis Canning or b) Julius taking a sabbatical in the Cayman Islands and writing a personal manifesto focused exclusively on undermining David Lee), but at the end of the day, we've been left to believe he’s working quietly in the background.  With Michael Boatman now staring on Anger Management, the most we can hope for are some strategic guest spots in 2013.

Diane Lockhart Playing the Field – Whether she’s sharing wine with Jack the Process Server or agreeing to disagree with Kurt the wilderness-loving Ballistics Expert, there’s no denying Diane is a hot commodity when it comes to after-hours get togethers.   Two words for 2013: More dates.  

Of course, my list of hopes could go on and on (Peter's election going sideways, the return of Elsbeth Tascioni, Justin from legal aid making three a crowd in Alicia's office...), but I'll save sharing more of my wishes for the upcoming year.  Now I turn it over to you. What are you most looking forward to for The Good Wife in 2013?  Can't wait Wendy Scott-Carr to show up or for Eli's past to surface?  Me either!  Sound off in the comments below.


  1. Hey Pink! Great post, I loved the idea!
    Well, first of all: Season 5 PLEASE!!
    You know at the top of my list is Team Gardner reunion and this time for GOOD! I agree with you that it is a wish for next season, but in this one, can we get at least some moments (like we had in season 1 and 2)?
    I would also love to see Diane and her men, Julius back and always more of Elsbeth Tascioni (but I hear we're getting that pretty soon). I want more of Patti Niholm, too, preferably teamed up with Louis Canning.
    I'm still undecided what I want for Peter's campaing. Like I've said on another post, if winning means he'll be moving, I'm voting Peter Florrick for governor...
    Can't wait until Sunday!

  2. Great to see you back, Jule! :)

    Season five... a must on the wish list. A Team Gardner reunion is, perhaps, a bit more of a dream, but I completely agree - we need some solid moments of hope for these two. As tried-and-true fans, we're not asking for a lot. I mean, even these two sharing a phone conversation has me squeeing and clapping my hands. It's the little things that make me happy. Throw in a hand-touch and I'm basically rendered incapacitated for 20 minutes.

    More Patti Nyholm - Yes! Paired up with Louis Canning, it's almost too dastardly to imagine... but I love it. Also, Colin Sweeney. And Lemond Bishop. I think that puts my wish list up to, ummm... 27? :)

  3. More Cary? It's not going to happen. More guest stars maybe. But not more Cary. Matt Czuchry and his character are second-rate material for those writers. Obviously for them he's not worth a storyline like Eli or Will.
    Season 4 should have been a new beggining for Cary after season 3 when people already were complaining about his lack of storylines and screentime and face what happened: he got even less to do than when he was at SA.
    Personally I lost the last shred of faith in those writers when they decided to ignore what happened to him in that parking lot, leaving him with 30 seconds screentime in the following 3 episodes: that's how much they care about Cary's character. Now they can add other 50 guest stars and 100 new recurring roles to full Eli's plot or to give other characters a new love interest. I don't give a damn anymore.

  4. Hi Pink !

    I will always be a TGW fan ! So yes I wish for Season 5 too and more! I stayed with Weeds till the end though season 8 was really bad.

    You have stated most of my wish list but I am hoping for the impossible. For Michael J Fox to be a permanent addition. I highly doubt it as I think he have other projects on.

    I do want to know more about Kalinda. Having her husband visit her from the past was not wrong, just the way it was done. I do really hope they give us an answer on what happen to him and bring us more stories about Kalinda.

    My last wish list is for you to continue to write your reviews every week till the final day of the final season of TGW and I will always be your guest star which means not every week I am here and rest assure I will always pop out ! Sometimes when you least expect it just like TGW guest stars!

    Happy New year!

  5. Hi Pink

    Guess you are still enjoying your holidays. Still no review from you this week. Take care ! This 12th episode that just aired was simply brilliant.

    From Will: I just realized you are the RAMBO !

    Quote of the episode !!

    1. I'm here, I'm here! Just posted for "Je Ne Sais What?" :)

  6. Hi Pink,

    I love your blog, none of my friends watch The Good Wife so I always read this blog after every episode to gauge the reactions of other fans.
    I agree with everyone so far, definately more Cary, definately more Elsbeth, more of the lead cast in general. I feel Cary, Will and Dianne are being pushed aside in favour of guest stars lately and that's a shame as they're the ones I most want to see. I also agree that the campaign storyline is getting tedious, we've already seen Peter run for State's Attorney and this seems to me a bit repetitious. I think an awkward romance between Elsbeth and Eli might be fun?
    Most importantly however, as everyone has already mentioned we need more Will and Alicia. I want flashbacks to their relationship, I want more information about their Georgetown days, I want to know why it was that she chose Peter over Will and whether that reason still exists.
    I'd also love to see Will explain to Alicia that none of his other relationships have ever worked out because they could never live up to her.
    I want to see Will at his most vulnerable and honest like in 'Heart', that was a gorgeous moment. I do agree though that the comment 'We should try not to be alone together' seems to foreshadow some future situation that they may be thrown into, that keeps me hopeful. I'd love to see some real confrontation between Will and Peter as well, would a fist fight be too un-classy? Maybe Alicia would have to choose who to run to after the fight, and maybe she would choose Will... ah, I'm gushing, I wish I could write the show.


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