18 November, 2012

The Good Wife: "Here Comes the Judge"

A Battle of the Suits
Season 4, Episode 8 | Original air date: November 18, 2012

“I don’t want to be part of the problem, I want to be part of the solution” said no Florrick child ever.  Until now.  Zach has decided to use the name ‘Jay’ and work undercover on Peter’s campaign in IT, while Grace has fallen for a bad boy at school whose ex-girlfriend recently committed suicide.  You know, regular kid stuff.  Alicia truly deserves a medal – these kids are a hot mess.  Granted, not more of a mess than usual, but I’m sure it’s coming.  To be fair, however, they entertained me this week, so I’ll cut them both a little slack… but only because Thanksgiving at the Florrick’s is coming up next and I’m already excited!

In “Here Comes the Judge” we found ourselves in the midst of a number of sensitive situations – Judge Creary showing bias against Will, Cary trying to manage Nick’s tow truck dealings and Eli juggling Peter’s roller coaster results.  It was a true battle of the suits this week - let’s get straight to the highlights.

Cary Agos in Calvin Klein
I have to go here first because I’m still reeling from the fact that when last we saw the beloved Cary Agos, he was left for dead in a rain-soaked parking lot.  I can only imagine what he will look like come next week (by the nature of the attack, I’m guessing a number of fractured ribs and a lot of bruises, if not some internal bleeding).  Of course, the heinous and dastardly Nick was behind it and all because he has a jealous streak longer than the Nile.  I had hoped The Good Wife’s preview ninjas had deceived us just a little last week and that the attack wasn't going to be what it seemed, but when Nick is in the picture, all bets are off.

While I’m more than a little upset about Cary getting pulled into Nick’s dirty dealings (especially because he has been nothing but kind and professional to this leather-clad scum bag), I’m glad Cary is playing a bigger role each week on The Good Wife.  Also, this attack is going to provoke a lot of interesting questions and scenes going forward.  Here’s where I’m going with this:

  • Who is going to find Cary in the parking lot?  Will he be able to make it to his car to call for help?  If so, who will he call? 
  • What is this “random act of violence” going to do to the firm?  A ‘buddy system’ for walking to your car at night?  (This could be a win for Team Gardner.  Just saying.)
  • How will Kalinda react when she finds out what happened to Cary?
  • Will Cary remember what happened?  Will he recall the comment about his suit?
  • Will Kalinda suspect Nick?  (Please say yes!  Like the break-in happening at Lana’s apartment, this parking lot accosting has Nick’s name written all over it)
  • Will Alicia put the pieces together and affirm her fears of Nick being dangerous?
  • How will this change Alicia and Cary’s relationship?  (Stronger than ever, I hope!)
  • Might Will start to cut Cary a break now that he has been through greater life struggles?  Getting beat up in the parking lot of your law firm shows a serious level of commitment to one’s job.
  • Is anyone else thinking about these things or am I the only one?  

Of course, while I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep tonight with all of these questions running through my head, I’m left only to wonder if this might just be the push Kalinda needs to make Nick a distant memory.  How she will get rid of him is anyone’s guess.  Of course, I have theories (some of which involve Lemond Bishop, some of which involve the FBI and some of which involve her burning her apartment to the ground), but it’s all purely speculative.  For now, I’m worried about Cary and perhaps a little thankful he wasn't wearing his Brioni suit on the night of attack.

Will Gardner – The Suit is Off
Guess who’s back?  Giada.  Remember her?  The independently wealthy student who was arguing the Hansel and Gretel witch debacle in moot court?  The one who made Will recuse himself?  If none of this rings a bell, know this:  It was Giada’s wine Will was drinking from a coffee mug when he called Alicia in the season one finale.   Ahhhh yes.  Giada.  Talk about characters I never thought I’d see again! 

To make a long story short, Giada seemed to be friendly with the very biased Judge Creary and Will just happened to need her to testify on a rather scandalous bar conversation.  The obvious next step was for Will to seduce her… or her him… I’m not really sure in what order things happened, but before long underwear was on briefing documents and they were sharing spoonfuls of ice cream.  Of course, Giada didn’t give in when Will asked for her help (she’s always been a bit of a tough customer), but in true Lockhart Gardner fashion, none of that ended up mattering.
To be honest, all of this Giada business left me with one question: What happened to Callie?  Sure, she didn't buy him $180 glasses of wine, but that’s not necessarily Will’s style anyways.  Callie was more like Tammy –with not quite as snappy of wardrobe.  In any case, whether it’s Giada, Callie or Tammy, no one is Alicia.  And for that I’m grateful. 

Kalinda – Buttoned Down
Drinks with Will twice in one episode?  It must have been my lucky week!  Next to K drinking with Alicia, her shooting tequila with Will is one of my favourite things.  These two have such an interesting friendship.  It’s based on a solemn respect and admiration for one another and while they both have secrets, they don’t judge each other for the decisions they’ve made.  A drink with these two is a bit like Christmas morning.   With each sip a new treasure is revealed.  Sometimes it comes in the form of satire while other times it is pure honesty.  That’s what we were treated to this week when Kalinda popped the question: do you ever get jealous?   This wasn’t like past conversations (read: “You need a dog. Kalinda and pooch, out investigating”) because Will could sense Kalinda has been experiencing a significant life event.  He may never find out Nick is Kalinda’s husband, but somehow that seems okay.  Maybe it will come out, maybe it won’t, but the trust these two have in the realm of the very unspecific is remarkable.

Eli Gold – All Suits on Deck
Social media numbers are up and the IT volunteers are to blame… errrr… reward.  Hired!  But wait, the one responsible for all of this good work is a guy named Jay… errrr… Zack Florrick.  Wait.  What?  Zach is working undercover to help out his Dad’s campaign?  Finally, something good!  Okay, it’s not as impressive as when Zach was using his iPod to record videos of his front door, but this is, without question, the best thing he’s done in three years.  Eli might just have an ally in young Florrick, if only they can convince Alicia to sign-off on this volunteer project.  Considering Grace has befriended her school’s resident bad boy, Alicia has bigger things to worry about.  Zach – welcome to the team.   

Next Up:  “A Defense of Marriage” aka Thanksgiving at the Florricks

I have been waiting for a holiday episode of The Good Wife for the last 76 episodes.  If you do the math, yes, that means I've been waiting since season one episode one.   Literally.  My level of excitement is hitting a high equal to that of the anticipation leading up to “Another Ham Sandwich.”  For fans of this blog, you know this is big.  I mean business.

I love the fireworks that inevitably go off when everyone comes together (especially when Owen is around!) and I can’t get enough of the prospect of having Alicia’s mother join the drama.  In “A Defense of Marriage” David Lee becomes counsel for Alicia’s Mom’s latest divorce, while Peter is lectured with a ‘let her go’ speech.  Oy vey, this is going to be good.

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  1. I watched this morning and was just horrified and so upset about poor Cary beaten up in the dark.

    Grace is a weirdo, no idea where this is leading. But hurray for Zack, being useful!

    No Clarke this week! But yesss I cannot wait for David Lee and Thanksgiving!

  2. SOOO Happy to have so much Will in this episode. I Loved it.

    Is it just me or did Kalinda seem very happy this episode? she was smiling in almost every scene.

    I think Kalinda is going to find out that Nick was behind the attack on Cary and she is going to be PISSED. Yup, I think this is the beginning of the end for Nick...thank goodness.

    I’m looking forward to next week’s episode. I hope Peter takes Alicia mom's advise and lets her go because the back and forth ride Alicia has Peter on is unfair and tiring to watch at this point. The flirting on the bus, the random kisses. Either take him back or don’t but make a decision already.
    And I’m not just saying that because I want her with Will..at this point I don’t think she is good enough for him either...

    I really liked this episode it was reminiscent of the past seasons.

  3. I wish we'd get to see the end of this week's case, well, the original one. I liked that they brought so many stories back: Alicia's "disagreement" with judge Dunaway; Giada; Will's suspension; Chum Hum and the list goes on...

    I think Kalinda is going to put 2 and 2 together (she knows her husband, he was jealous of Cary), figure out that her husband is involved in Cary's beating - at least, the Kalinda we know would - and finally do something about him (I'm really confused about their relationship and at this point, don't know what to think about it other than to I dislike it).

    I loved Will and Kalinda's bar scenes (one was good enough and we got TWO of them - one that showed the best of their friendship). I wished we had seen the Kalinda and Alicia bar scene, too.

    Another scene I was hoping to see was a Giada and Alicia reencounter (but I guess THAT was too much to ask). I wonder if Giada would have figured out the reason why Will never called her back...Tammy has.
    I guess Callie's destiny was the same as the others...

    I'm really excited about next week's episode, too! Not only did I always want to meet Alicia's mom, but Owen is back as well!! Can't wait! As a loyal Team Gardner, I'm hoping Peter listens to his mother-in-law.

  4. My big question is: will those writers be able to turn that beating up into a storyline also about Cary's character and not just into a way to getting rid of Nick?


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