14 April, 2013

The Good Wife: "Rape: A Modern Perspective"

Season 4, Episode 20 | Original Air Date: Sunday, April 14, 2013

Just when you thought the tides at Lockhart Gardner couldn't turn more than they already had, “Rape: A Modern Perspective” happened… and things started to change.  Again.  Our friend Mr. Bitcoin (aka, Dylan Stack, aka Jason Biggs) returned and Alicia has started shaking.  These two events are unrelated, but they are developments none the less (more on this later).  Now, it’s probably clichĂ© to say, ‘It’s a new day,’ because, well, that was last year, but I think there’s serious precedent this time.  Of course, some things never change – like how David Lee continues to be 100% terrible and how Kalinda will stop at nothing to get to the bottom of a case – and for that, I’m thankful.  These things are a like a home-cooked meal.  David Lee is the bitter lettuce in the salad and Kalinda’s the tangy raspberry cheesecake.
This episode – number 20 of the season – marks the set up to the final two shows before the summer hiatus.   While we’re being positioned to be shocked and entertained from now until the end of April (if you haven’t seen the previews, trust me on both counts; and if you have, I know you agree), this episode did all it could to put 50 shades of doubt in our minds about basically everything:  The colour of the sky, the maturity of Grace, the science behind gravity, the length to which Kalinda will go to win a case, etc, etc, etc.

At the end of it all, I was left with four big ‘what just happened there?!’ moments, which is where I’ll be focusing this week’s analysis.  As always, I encourage you to take to the comments section and let me know your thoughts.  Is David Lee really as bitter and terrible as I make him out?  Is Robyn up to no good?  Why does Will look so good with rolled up cuffs?  Is Diane’s judgeship officially out the window?    

Top Four ‘What Just Happened There?’ Moments:

1)  Diane’s Mountaintop Adventure
For weeks, we've been watching Diane struggle with how her appointment to the Supreme Court would affect both her career and her love life (which, by the way, we’re glad she has again).  This week, she was back in the hot seat with our favourite Florrick staffer, Jim, who was grilling her about Kurt.  Insert looks of shock on the faces of both Jim and Kalinda when Diane admitted that Kurt was more than a friend and a causal lover… but her fiancĂ©. 

Let’s back up this carousel of crazy for a minute.  When last we saw Diane and Kurt, she said she thought waiting for their next encounter would mean waiting forever and she didn’t want that to be her life.  I get it.  She’s always put her career first.  Now she wants more.  But that was it.  That’s all we knew.  Now we find out she’s secretly engaged – so secret in fact, that even super-sleuth, Kalinda, didn't know about it?  I’m both shocked and excited by this development.  At the same time, I have a few concerns, not the least of which is why she looked so downtrodden when Jim left the room to share the news and continue his investigation.  It was almost as though she had sadness or regret weighing her down, but I can’t figure out why.  Did Kurt actually accept her proposal?

Flash forward.  Diane arrived at the Supreme Court for an interview and quickly found herself daydreaming about sunnier times when she’d have a gigantic leather swivel chair and a gavel close at hand.  Before long, reality arrived in the form of the Chief Justice who was quick to explain that the only thing preventing her from getting to the top of her work mountain was her partner.

So Kurt then?

No, not Kurt.

It seems that Jim got ‘partner’ and partner confused.  I mean, who can blame him?  The word ‘partner’ can be misleading.  Life partner?  Law partner?  Partner in crime?  Who can keep these things straight?  I can’t, and neither, apparently, can Jim.  So, the problem, as it turns out is actually Will. 

Color me confused. With phrases like, “your partner’s a scoundrel” being bandied about, Diane’s face said, ‘I didn’t see that coming,’ and so did mine.  If anyone else is having flashbacks to Wendy Scott-Carr circa season three, confessing the charges against Will were actually about Peter – you’re not alone.  It’s as though everyone thinks Will has all of these amazing things going on, when really he’s the biggest disaster out of the bunch.  And, apparently, the biggest scapegoat.   This man spends 80% of his life underneath the bus, 15% running behind it and 5% winning.  It’s not an awesome average.

In any case, Diane was left with what I think was an ultimatum, though I’ll confess I’m not entirely sure why.  If Diane were to be appointed, she’d have to leave the firm and therefore, her business partner.  Shouldn't that be good enough for the court?  Does the Judge want Diane to admit Will is a scoundrel? If so, who would be the benefit?  What just happened?!

2) It’s a fever.  It’s the flu.  No, it’s the return of Team Gardner!
This is the kind of magic Fraulein Maria was talking about: “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.”  While I can’t be sure she was speaking about this situation *exactly,* I’m willing to believe there’s relevance as it relates to Team Gardner… and also, her marriage to the Captain Von Trapp.

Let me keep things brief (because, let’s be honest, next week my entire post is likely to be devoted to these two… and Peter due to the fact there’s some serious drama brewing): I have no idea what’s going to happen with Alicia and Will.  At the Shamrock dinner, Alicia called things off (even though there wasn't anything to do except not randomly kiss each other in fits of anger and passion).  Next, Alicia started dreaming about Will and calling him late at night.  Okay, this probably went against the Shamrock pact, but, whatever.  Who am I to judge?  Now is where things are getting dicey.  And by dicey, I mean amazing.  And by amazing I mean also weird.

In ‘Rape: A Modern Perspective,’ Alicia’s feelings towards Will began to manifest in flu-like symptoms. I wish I were kidding, but I’m not.  After leaving his office late at night (my favourite time and location for these two, if I’m being perfectly candid), she went home, closed the door and looked chilled to the bone.  She started to shake and chatter.  The strangest part?  This wasn't a one-time thing.  No, it happened again, after winning the case with Will.  Now whenever she looks at him, she gets… a cold? 

While her symptoms are a bit of a head-scratcher, I believe what we’re beginning to see is mixed emotions with a heaping helping of regret.  She has pushed Will away for years, despite not really wanting to, and now all of her repressed emotions are beginning to surface.   Now we’re left to wonder how all if this is going to pan out.  Even Grace has given Alicia permission to be a little selfish by saying, “sometimes it’s good to think about yourself” (PS Thank you, Grace – this redeems you at least 3% in my eyes.  That brings you to a solid D-) and in every way Alicia knows what that would mean for her reality.

My question: Alicia said she would stay with Peter through the campaign.  If he loses, where will that leave her?  Will she continue to stand by him, or will she pursue a new relationship with Will?  All I can say is that I’m so thankful for windows that open when doors close.

3) Kalinda Sharma – Anonymous
This week’s case surrounding a rape victim, her attacker, a hacker group named Anonymous and Mr. Bitcoin, Dylan Stack.  Paired together on the case, Will and Alicia needed to convince both the jury and Judge Parks, their client was, indeed, raped.  What made this case interesting was how it unfolded.  First it came in the form of a tweet.  Next was an anonymous video message sent to Zach via text and then it was an anonymous picture sent to Grace on her phone.  While Alicia blamed Mr. Bitcoin for the clever and frustrating pieces of evidence, at the end of the day, he made an interesting point: that whoever was acting as ‘Anonymous’ had to be on the inside.  But who?  Will?  No, he doesn’t have time for that.  Robyn?  No, she’s too busy worrying about her internal one-month review.  Kalinda?  No, it couldn't be – she just hands over evidence.

But then again, maybe she doesn't.  When Judge Parks forced the case into a dismissal and therefore a retrial, K was on the hunt for new evidence.  After she found it, we watched as she lurked in a corner and uploaded it to a tip site.   Pa chow!  Kalinda was the leaker on her own case?  I definitely didn't see that coming.

4) Florrick Agos and Associates
What The Good Wife has taught me: If you want insider information from your colleagues, meet them in parks, by fountains or around unmarked corners and ask them for a stroll.  At first they will lie to you, but eventually all of the meet-cutes will make them confess their secrets.  I know this sounds crazy, but there’s proof this works.  Take Cary, for example.  All of this casual walking has him spilling the beans to a partner.  Okay, partner/friend.  The lines are tres blurred here and I think we all feel it.  Anyways, Cary’s on the move.  He’s planning to leave Lockhart Gardner in one month and take the other fourth years with him.  If Alicia wants in, there’s a named partnership opportunity waiting.  Florrick Agos and Associates. 

In my opinion, there are two great things about all of this: 1) The fact Cary referred to he and Alicia as ‘the new Will and Diane’ – because yes, they are and 2) The fact Alicia said she’d need to think about it.  She has everything she wants at Lockhart Gardner.  Well, sort of.  She has partnership, but it’s tainted by politics and they aren't afraid to use her like a pawn.  Cary, on the other hand, doesn't want Alicia to use her, but rather because she’s a good lawyer.  Sure, her last name is Florrick, but that’s not what makes Alicia – and he’s forward-thinking enough to see that fact.  Others are not.   

What’s Next?
The much anticipated 21st episode of the season is on its way with “A More Perfect Union.”  Peter pops a ring in front of Alicia and asks for a vow renewal while Grandma Veronica and Uncle Owen stop in to visit/meddle.  Things are set to get especially interesting when Veronica confronts Will about his love for Alicia and we’re all left to wonder if Peter will be able to secure his seat as Governor.  With just two episodes left, what cliff hanger do you think we’ll be left teetering over during the summer months?


  1. Kari
    Great post, as always.
    We got a quite surprising Grace, she was right for once :)
    Not sure where we are going, hope it's good for #TeamWill, at least we get some interaction.

  2. Pink,
    Good morning, so happy to see your review after last night episode I'm have more anxiety than ever now! Cary going to leave in a month and Alicia considering his offer to leave taking some L/G clients with them. New Will and Diane? OMG!

    Alicia, Alicia, Alicia get a grip girl. All that shivering and shaking with just the thought of Will...WTH was all that! Has she repressed her feelings toward Will for SO LONG that her heart and mind has "turned" on her. Walking around having lil mini-orgasm (haha) or sumtin when you in his presence, losing your focus in the judge's chamber thinking about his lips...girl you got it bad! As a member of TEAM GARDNER I'm happy and scared at the same time. I feel like Charlie Brown kicking that football, Lucy (the Kings/TGW writers) will pulled it away at the last minute a say "physc" to us once again! :)

    Grace maturing, even likable this episode! (a solid D-, cute) It's like she was giving a Alicia "out" to pursue her heart..."BE SELFISH" and plus she didn't freakout when Will called about her phone, Alicia was the one that almost panic and lost it. "Will called..." voice high and shaking! It was like watching the twilight zone, Grace clam and Alicia freaking out "I'm a bad mother". You think Grace knows the her Mom has feeling for Will?

    Diane and Kurt getting married....ah what? WOW!

    The kiss the ring judge calling my sweet Will a scoundrel, have you met Peter Florrick! Wants Diane to throw Will under the bus....publicly, I guess...I didn't get that either. You know he's her business partner when YOU were watching her climb the mountain, so what-what? Why even consider her?

    Robyn and Kalinda conversation was kinda odd. Robyn's trying to keep her job it seems. I hope she doesn't in up being shady. I really like her on the show.

    Looks like the big proposal is coming next! I hope Alicia's Mom does not push her back into Peter (von Trapp) arms. Mama Cavanaugh waving the Will pom-poms will certainly cause Alicia to re-think any decision she would have toward Will as purely selfish, because that is the way she view her mother. OWEN intercede, please!

    I think I will re-watch this one to try and get a new perspective. I work from home on Mondays! And I need to figure out why Alicia is now having ALL these flu-like symptoms! :)

    Enjoyed your recap. Pam in Dallas.

  3. Hey Pink, great post as usual. I'm actually the one who mentioned you in Twitter. Didn't know you had one until I read your 'About' page. Haha!

    Anyway, this was a nice ep. I'm fascinated by the writers for making an episode really relevant to recent events. And in this case, Steubenville rape case last month, the mention of Aaron Swartz, Anonymous and the internet in general.

    Also, I think I don't want to come to conclusions of Cary leaving the firm and would like to be surprised but him telling Alicia that they're the new Will/Diane was indeed awesome. Will Alicia come with? Idk. I hope LG won't fire Cary. David Lee is an ass as always.

    The upcoming two episodes in a row is gonna be a blast. I heard that the finale will feature Mayor Bloomberg as a guest star. Hope it does and I hope that the election storyline will surprise. And of course, I',m also hoping for a cliffhanger finale.

    Till next Sunday!

  4. Hello, Pink)))

    An excellent recap for an excellent epiosode! You always know how to grasp the main points. I really enjoyed everything about "Rape: A Modern Perspective" - the "cold", the praying moment and especially all the Cary/Alicia scenes.

    I also, like Pam here, thought about Peter when this judge called Will a "scoundrel". In the eyes of society Peter is "a reformed man" becouse of all the Eli's hard work but most of all becouse of Alicia. People look at him through her. And Will... He doesn't have that luxury he doesn't have the right 'image' and is being constantly panished for that. I just hope that Diane love both him and Kurt enough not to through any of them underneath the bus no matter what!

    Thanks again, L.

  5. Hey Pink!
    As always, you always write amazing reviews, and have your funny moments while doing so! I thought that the episode was great! well the fact that the Masters bumped up the time to 10:00 and i had to watch the rest online, it was spectacular.
    Diane and Kurt - What the Heck, getting married! yeah i knew that they were talking about it, i just didnt realize how serious they were about this, and that it'll probably happen soon! I'm happy for them, and i really think that Diane will make an excellent judge, but she will only be a judge if Peter wins, and by the sound of the next preview, he's not doing so well!
    Rape: A modern perspective - overall i'd say, the case itself was strange. I mean i get the case itself about rape, but that they had the internet in there and made things complicated, was just kindof odd. But the "annonomous" people were pretty awesome, never thought id see that on tv!
    And the best for last . . .
    Team Gardner - OMG OMG! what is up with these two! not just the fact of awkward moments together in the office, but the fact that she was shivering??? i mean, what was up with these two? Can she not control her feelings for him anymore, that she's cold???That not only happened once, but twice!
    Whats to come . . .
    So excited for whats to come! Veronica and Owen are back! Thanks God! they need to help support TeamGardner. I for one know that Veronica just wants her daughter to be happy, and if that means talking to will, she'll do it. Im glad for Cary and starting up his own firm, itll be great rivalry for next season! And Alicia wont leave LG, because of will :)
    Emily, from Hamilton, Ontario Canada

  6. I think they are going to reveal some secret about Will Gardner and why people (mostly judges) keep on calling him a scoundrel. This is not the first time someone told Diane/Alicia that Will Gardner is not what he seems to be.
    Either it's something to do with gambling, or bribing judges or something totally different. :P I somehow find it difficult to believe he is a 'good boy'.

    I leerrrrvv Will, but I think there's some suspense coming up and I'm not going to like it.

  7. Hey Pink! Sorry for the late comment this week. I have been busy and tired lately...

    I continue with my opinion that since the hiatus we have been getting one episode better than the last (although my favorite this season has been 4x18). One of the many (many) things I love about TGW is that they use real life, recent situations and references like the Anonymous group and Aaron Swartz. This episode also had and brought forward a lot of interesting sotrylines. It also reminded us that Kalinda is still a mystery (love it!).

    Diane and Kurt are getting married - yey! I laughed at their surprised faces on that scene and I liked that K was happy for Diane.

    I was surprised when it was announced that Will was the problem for Diane and not Kurt. Defenitely on my list of things-I-didn't-see-comming. And as interested as I am by that storyline, I am pissed that they want to hurt Will AGAIN. After everything he has been through; nothing good ever happens to him! I plan to start a campaign for season 5: "Give Will a break" or "Give Will some happiness" lol. I hope the next episode turns out better for him.

    If Diane really turns on Will and they "break up", Will could join Alicia and Cary on the new firm. And with all of them leaving, Kalinda would sure follow. (I'm sorry, me and my crazy theories again lol).

    I don't even have to say that I LOVED Alicia watching Will. It reminded me of the end of season 2 and we all know how it ended up lol. I just didn't get all the shivering, though.

    Can't wait for Sunday. For the episode and another one of your great posts :)

  8. Alicia doesn't have the flu I'm pretty sure she having panic attacks...


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