02 March, 2012

The Good Wife: On Location in NYC - Take Three

On Location in NYC – Take Three (Brooklyn Edition)
Featured Episode: "Blue Ribbon Panel"
On-site filming February 23, 2012 | Post Date: March 2, 2012 | Updated: March 6 & 25, 2012

When The Good Wife takes to the streets of New York to film, you never know where they’ll turn up next.  Part of the fun of finding an on-site filming is that you get an inside look at how they transform New York City into Chicago.  During my latest expedition, I discovered an incredible area I’d never explored, including one of Brooklyn’s landmark buildings, not to mention an entire street filled with trailers devoted to The Good Wife.  Yes, this was the location where Matthew Perry was spotted… but who else was on site?  Let’s just say, it looks like things in Cook County are going to be heating up.

This was my third on-location experience (okay, the fourth, but the third time was a total wash, so I’ve decided not to count it) and this time I was taken to a world I haven’t explored nearly enough: Park Slope in Brooklyn, NY.  Just a few short stops from Manhattan’s Financial District, Park Slope is a gorgeous neighborhood full of amazing walk-ups, quaint streets and perhaps one of my favourite New York architectural finds of late: The Montauk Club.  This beautiful building, complete with stained glass windows and Venetian Gothic construction, was built in 1891 and is soon to be one of the sets featured on The Good Wife.

Of course, there are always so many things to spot during an on-location shoot, including hints on future guest stars, that I had to take pictures so I could share the experience.  With that, I present “The Good Wife – On Location in NYC – Take Three,” a photographic journey. I hope you enjoy!

The Montauk Club (2012) with The Good Wife crew setting up lights and other equipment to
shoot a scene on the main floor.  Based on descriptions of the interior of The Montauk Club,
I can only imagine how beautiful these scenes are going to be!

The Montauk Club (unknown date) - New York architect, Francis H. Kimball, was responsible
for some of New York's most notable commercial buildings that dot the city's skyline, in
addition to The Montauk Club.

It looks like our "judges in question" (Dunaway and Winter) from Will's judicial bribery debacle are
back on the scene, and based on the number of other guest stars roaming around the Montauk Club,
the final result will be truly incredible. 

(Top to bottom, L-R) - Trailer doors for characters: Eric, Russel, Forrest Burke, Trina Coffey, Fred and Pastor Yarrow
(Charles Dutton).  It's official: We know none of these characters.  That said, it appears whatever is happening with Mike (Matthew Perry) and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) during this scene, is also happening with all of these people, too.

Set up to shoot inside the Montauk Club.  If my observations are accurate, we're going
to see some stunning stained glass in the background of these scenes.
Interested in more information on the beautiful Montauk Club?  Check out montaukclub.com 
for a virtual tour and plenty of historical facts
As always, thank you to On Location Vacations for their great tips on filming sites around New York City.
For other fan photos from this taping of The Good Wife, click here.

CBS just released photos from Matthew Perry's time on The Good Wife set, including a great image of the judges, Alicia and Mike (Perry) as part of a panel investigating a police shooting.  Here we see some of the amazing stained glass of the Montauk Club.

Episode: "Blue Ribbon Panel: | Photo courtesy of David Russell/CBS.com
What's Next?

Will's sisters arrive in town in episode 16, "After the Fall" (check out some behind the scenes fun with "The Good Wife: On Location in NYC - Take Two" for more details!) and he has to begin to figure out what the next six months are going to look like without being able to practice law.  March is also full of outstanding guest stars on The Good Wife: Bebe Neuwirth (guest judge) Matthew Perry (new attorney: Mike Kresteva), Michael J. Fox (the ever sly but insightful Louis Canning), Mamie Gummer (the somewhat conniving yet brilliant blonde, Nancy Crozier) and Dylan Baker (aka, Colin Sweeney, the murderer Alicia can't seem to get away from), just to name a few.  Whew! Forget about basketball, for fans of The Good Wife, it looks like we're in for some serious March madness!

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