10 May, 2012

Food Inspired by The Good Wife - Season Three

Recipes Inspired by Season Three of The Good Wife. Eat up!
Summer 2012 Hiatus | Post Date: May 10, 2012

The Good Wife summer hiatus is here and that means kicking back on a patio with friends, hosting pool parties or rooftop garden gatherings and barbecuing skewers of delicious morsels while watching the sun set.  Of course, while doing all of these things I'm also busy thinking Who could be lurking on the other side of Kalinda's door? and Who is going to be cast as her husband?  Sure, I could (should?) be using these glorious extra hours of sunlight for something productive like learning another language or reading War and Peace, but there will be time for those things later.  I mean, a girl has priorities.
Now, by my estimation, we have about 20 weeks to survive the hiatus, so I'm getting ready to make the most of those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer by working my way through my favourite recipes from season three's Food Inspired by The Good Wife.  If I'm super efficient I'll even take a stab at that whole 'other language' thing... once my Executive Order 13224-inspired Red Velvet Cupcakes are perfected.

Food Inspired by The Good Wife: Season Three in Review

All recipes courtesy of Edible Life in YYC

Originally featured with episode 22, "The Dream Team"

Recipe Inspiration: Kalinda's late-night indulgence

Originally featured with episode 21, "The Penalty Box"

Recipe Inspiration: Here's to friendship at the firm!

Originally featured with 
"Why Cary Agos Belongs Back at Lockhart Gardner"Recipe Inspiration: A sweet treat for the delicious return of Cary Agos

Originally featured with episode 20, "Pants on Fire"

Recipe inspiration: A disbarred lawyer's delight

Originally featured with episode 19: "Blue Ribbon Panel"

Recipe inspiration: Her pearls say "wholesome" while her actions say "whole lot of treachery" - A sandwich for Jackie's
apple-pie style

Originally featured with episode 18: "Gloves Come Off"

Recipe inspiration: Best Friends + Beverages = Beer Mojitos; Drink up Kalinda and Alicia fans!

Originally featured with episode 17: "Long Way Home"

Recipe inspiration: Chicken + wine = Colin Sweeney's
combination du jour

Originally featured with episode 16: "After the Fall"

Recipe inspiration: Dinner with the Gardners - Will needs a fiesta!  

Originally featured with episode 15: "Live from Damascus"

Recipe inspiration: What's left to do when you get disbarred?

Recipe inspiration: For the love of delicious cuisine... and our favourite couples! 

Originally featured with episode 14: "Another Ham Sandwich"

Recipe inspiration: They'll indict anything... even a ham sandwich


Recipe inspiration: The Good Wife catering table

Originally featured with episode 13: "Bitcoin for Dummies"

Recipe inspiration: "Do you mind if I have something? I didn't have breakfast" - Elsbeth Tascioni

Originally featured with episode 12: "Alienation of Affection"

Recipe inspiration: Egg on your face - an episode of missteps

Recipe inspiration: New Year's Eve... let's celebrate!

Originally featured with episode 11: "What Went Wrong"

Recipe inspiration: Jury food - let's have take-out!

Originally featured with episode 10: "Parenting Made Easy"

Recipe inspiration: "Pass the Scotch, please"

Originally featured with episode 9, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot"

Recipe inspiration: Eli approved, this bread covers all basic food groups on the food pyramid, plate and person

Originally featured with episode 8, "Death Row Tip"

Recipe inspiration: "Man on death row = last meal, of course"

Originally featured with episode 7, "Executive Order 13224"

Recipe inspiration: "I think it's just the name, Red Velvet, it just makes it so desirable" - Mr. Higgs

Thanks to JS over at Edible Life in YYC for working with me for the past six months on Food Inspired by The Good Wife.  I can't wait to team up for season four to see what kind of amazing treats will fuel The Good Wife culinary fire!


  1. I love it!
    It has been wonderful partnering up with you over the last season. The only thing better than "Good Wife Sundays" is your episode review on "Good Wife Monday."
    Cheers to season four and more fun in the kitchen!

    1. Oh for the love of Good Wife Sundays followed by the second best day of the week, Good Wife Mondays! I can only imagine the kind of drama and intrigue the writers are going to deliver in season four. I have a feeling we're going to be thoroughly inspired!


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