26 June, 2012

Broadway's Best Joins Television's Finest on The Good Wife

Triple-threat, Kristin Chenoweth to join The Good Wife in Season Four
Summer 2012 Hiatus | Post Date: June 26, 2012 | Updated: August 13, 2012

Article Update: After having been in an on-set accident while filming The Good Wife on July 11, Kristin Chenoweth has made public her decision to leave the show.  "It is with deep regret to inform everyone that due to my injuries, I am unable to return to The Good Wife" notes Chenoweth.  With just one episode under her belt, I can only hope she will make a speedy recovery and return to the hallowed halls of Lockhart Gardner as a journalist on a mission to bring down the Florrick campaign.
It's official.  This is the most exciting week for casting in the history of The Good Wife.  It's a big claim, I know, but I'm willing to sing it, dance it, act it and mime it - Season four of The Good Wife is going to feature the single most star-studded ensemble cast on television.

As if the June 25th announcement of Marc Warren and Maura Tierney joining the cast of the Good Wife wasn't big enough, news of triple-threat Kristin Chenoweth’s recurring role on the show has quickly become the delicious icing atop The Good Wife’s casting coup cake.  According to a press release from CBS, Chenoweth’s character will debut in The Good Wife’s season premiere as a political journalist slated to report on Peter’s campaign for Governor.  You can bet news of the Florrick’s estranged marriage won’t take long to hit the press which means Eli will be quickly back to work doing what he does best: acting as a political puppet master.  

I, for one, can’t help but wonder what other implications having a top-of-her-game journalist around will bring to the show.  Will the beloved Team Gardner romance of season three get blown out of the water?  Will Chenoweth’s character befriend staff at Lockhart Gardner to get the inside scoop on Alicia?  Will Grace and Zach end up caught in the middle (or, better yet, be forced to put their season one Kalinda-esque PI skills to good use)?  Look out Cook County, things just got a little more interesting.

Of course, there is one other huge variable that comes into play with Chenoweth joining the cast.  It's no secret Christine Baranaski (Diane), Alan Cumming (Eli) and Graham Phillips (Zach) are all accomplished singers.  Is it wrong to hope for at least one scene in season four involving a singalong?  Karaoke anyone?

Kristin Chenoweth, Tony and Emmy Award winner, is best known by TV audiences for her roles on the West Wing, Pushing Daisies, Glee, and most recently, GCB.  Of course, long-time fans of Chenoweth (a category where I happily find myself), knows her best from her acclaimed Broadway roles in You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown, Wicked and Promises, Promises.  You can follow Kristin Chenoweth on Twitter @kchenoweth.

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